How to engrave stone with engraving machine
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How to engrave stone with engraving machine

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How to engrave stone with engraving machine

In life, stone carvings can be seen everywhere. The stone carving mentioned here does not mean carving an animal or other thing with stone, but referring to the carving or lettering on the surface of the stone. Have you ever thought about how these carvings are done?


1 Overview


Lettering or engraving on the surface of the stone has appeared since ancient times. These carvings are generally used for decoration or rituals, and craftsmen who have the technique of carving are also worthy of respect in ancient times. But there is no doubt that hand-carving, although more artistic, is not friendly to modern industrialization. Hand-carving takes a lot of time and is often a technique for appreciation. In the industrial field, there are two main ways of stone carving, laser engraving and mechanical engraving. Both engraving methods are controlled by a computer. Just use the graphic design software to design the pattern, enter the engraving machine, and you will get a sculpture soon.


2 Laser engraving


Laser engraving has now become a common stone engraving technique. Its principle is easy to understand. Use a computer controlled laser to engrave on the surface of the stone. It is said to be engraving, but in fact, the laser corrodes the surface of the stone, or uses the energy of the laser to discolor the surface of the stone, thereby achieving the engraving effect. Laser engraving is fast and precise, and is very popular in small engravings.

The principle of laser engraving also brings defects. Laser engraving is a non-contact engraving, in which you don't even have to fix the stone you are carving. However, after a while, laser engraving is likely to be worn. The texture of the non-contact engraving is completely different from the traditional engraving.


3 Mechanical engraving


Mechanical engraving is easy to understand. It is in principle different from traditional hand-carving, except that the object of implementation is turned from human to machine. Mechanical engraving is also controlled by computer, but since the mechanical engraving speed is much faster than manual engraving, it is very necessary to cool down during the engraving process. Otherwise it is very likely to cause damage to the tool.

Mechanical engraving also has disadvantages. First, mechanical engraving requires contact with the stone, which results in tool wear and more energy consumption. On the other hand, mechanical engraving is similar to manual engraving, but because the mechanical engraving has computer control, the entire engraving process is error-free. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. The greatest value of art lies in its speciality. Mechanical engraving can produce a one-size-fits-all product without a piece of art.


4 Laser engraving VS mechanical engraving


From the current general point of view, most people think that mechanical engraving is still better than laser engraving. In fact, the two engraving methods have their own characteristics. Laser engraving is faster and more accurate. Mechanical engraving is better.


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