Differences Between Stone and Metal Engraving Machine
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Differences Between Stone and Metal Engraving Machine

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Differences Between Stone and Metal Engraving Machine

Today, stone engraving machines and metal engraving machines have been widely used, ranging from urban beautification to industrial manufacturing. When it comes to engraving machines, people tend to think they are the same. What's the difference between them?


Here is the content list:

  • What Is Stone Engraving Machine?

  • What Is Metal Engraving Machine?

  • What Are Differences Between Stone and Metal Engraving Machine?


What Is Stone Engraving Machine?

Stone carving is a traditional art, has a long history. For a long time, craftsmen such as marble stone material as base material, USES the traditional process, with a chisel, a hammer, artificial polishing machine and other tools to stone carvings of various products, such as stone pillar, statues, carved railings etc. Beautify the urban environment art is required to dress up now, so we need a large number of stone products. However, traditional carving technology cannot meet this requirement, because the traditional craft stone carving time is long, can't quickly in time carved stone carving products in bulk, and must be done by a professional stone carving personnel.

For these reasons, the stone carving machine was born. With each new generation, its role extends beyond stone carving.



What Is Metal Engraving Machine?

The open working platform of the metal engraving machine facilitates the placement of processing materials, and can cooperate with the assembly line to meet the processing of large-format materials.

At the same time, with a large size honeycomb platform, blade platform and local lifting platform, CNC metal engraving machine is not only suitable for large on-site processing industry, but also to meet the needs of advertising, arts and crafts industry and other small industries.

Metal engraving machine with automatic focus, red light positioning and other functions, truly achieve multi-purpose, time-saving and efficient. The light path part adopts the hybrid light path, the light energy utilization rate is high; Light all closed, strong safety performance.

Its CNC system adopts unique intelligent prediction algorithm and improved control algorithm to ensure high-speed machining, smooth and efficient operation speed, real-time adjustable laser energy, greatly facilitating the operation of customers.

In addition, the metal cutting machine's high power cutting energy automatic compensation function makes the cutting effect has been greatly improved.



What Are Differences Between Stone and Metal Engraving Machine?

  • Appearance

A very significant difference between the two is the stone carving machine having a sink, its purpose is to drainage, because in the carved stone, will produce a lot of heat, so the stone carving machine need pumps have been scouring the spindle motor, on the one hand is to cool the spindle motor, on the other hand is to clean the dust produced in carving. Stone carving machine is the best choice of anti-freeze liquid cold but the circulation system of the machine, so as not to produce impurities blocked spindle.

  • Carving material

  • Metal engraving machine

Metal engraving machine is suitable for advertising, arts and crafts, mold, sign making industry. Carving a variety of metal iron, copper, aluminum, steel, zinc, lead, stainless steel, titanium plate and other metal materials

Metal engraving machine can also carve granite, marble, bluestone, ceramic tile, porcelain plate, glass and other stones

It can also carve bamboo and other hard wood; Sculpture pure brass plate, copper plate relief calligraphy and painting.

  • Stone Engraving Machine

Stone carving machine can carve marble, granite, jade, bluestone, black stone and other kinds of stone, and ceramic, glass, plexiglass, PVC board, aluminum plastic board, bamboo and other materials.

It is also suitable for carving agate, jade, inkstone and other arts and crafts.

  • Applications

Metal engraving machine is suitable for sheet metal structure, high and low voltage electrical cabinet, hardware, tools, advertising signs, metal crafts ; decorating, automotive, petrochemical, medical, mechanical parts, electrical meter parts, saw blades, spring-chip and other industries.

Stone carving machine is suitable for stone industry, stone tablet processing industry, art relief, advertising, decoration, ceramics industry.

  • Technologies

Compared with metal engraving machine, stone carving machine has welded lathe bed of profiled steel, stabilizing treated under high temperature. Adopt high precision rack gear transmission, and Imported square linear guide rail that ensure high accuracy , fast speed ,heavy duty with long service life. Y axis with double motors to drive that ensures stable and precise performance. What’s more, it has dust-proof and water-proof design.


The above is the difference between metal engraving machine and stone engraving machine, if you want to purchase engraving machine, before that, you must first clear what kind of material you want to process. Metal engraving machines and stone engraving machines also have many more detailed classifications according to the engraving material and size. If you want more information, welcome to contact us.

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