Detailed introduction! What is a cnc oscillating knife cutting machine?
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Detailed introduction! What is a cnc oscillating knife cutting machine?

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Detailed introduction! What is a cnc oscillating knife cutting machine?

Detailed introduction! What is a cnc oscillating knife cutting machine?

1.Definition of cnc oscillating knife cutter for sale

Oscillating knife cutting machine,also called cnc vibration knife cutter,is one kind of new design cnc machinery of high automatization and high efficiency,produced to provide accurate cutting of heavier flexible and semi-rigid materials at high speed and good precision without any environment pollution and very-low cost maintenance for future operation.As to digital oscillating knife cutting machine,it is mainly composed of these following components,such as heavy duty machine body,oscillating knife tools,(oscillating knife cutter,plotter pen,foam cutter,creasing wheel,V-cut tools etc,later i will write an article of detailed introduction of these tools.)

knife tools of cnc oscillating knife cutting machine for sale.jpg

vacuum working table,vacuum pump,control system,guide rails,belt transmission,motors and drivers,oil lubrication system,tool sensor,red laser protective device,automatic feeding system for option,mist sprayer cooling system,CCD camera,etc.All these components of high quality make a great contribution to keep the cnc vibration knife cutter machine working in good condition for a long long time.

2.Categories of cnc vibration knife cutter machine

Cnc oscillation knife cutter is divide into many kinds according to the processing materials,such as leather oscillating knife cutter machine,rubber cnc oscillating knife cutting machine,oscillating knife cut honeycomb board machine,oscillating knife cut corrugated cnc machine,cloth/textile/garment/fabric oscillating cutter machine,KT board oscillating knife cutter,grey board oscillating knife cutter,cardboard cnc vibration knife cutter,cnc oscillating knife cut carton board machinery,oscillating knife cutter for foam,cnc eva cutter oscillating knife,PP/PE oscillating knife cutting machine etc.From this category,you can get an smart answer that digital oscillating knife cutter has a very wide application in all walks of life,that is to see cnc oscillating knife cut machine has a very bright development prospect in near future. For this new design high precision cnc oscillating knife cutting machine realize the dreams and fancies of many manufacturers that just buying one cnc machine,it can do almost all kinds of job i have to do.The cutting materials of cnc oscillating knife cutter for sale is dependent on the oscillating knife tools in a great degree,in other words,the more knife tools our oscillating knife cutter manufacturer create, the more materials cnc vibration knife cutter can cut.At this aspect,it is a wise choice for any industrialists seize this valuable opportunity and cooperate with our Dekcel cnc equipment company to explore and expand the cnc oscillating knife cutter market.

3.Application of cnc vibration knife cutting machine 

As to industrial oscillating knife cut equipment,it indeed has a wide application scope,covering all kinds of industries,such as clothing industry,home interior decoration industry,automobile industry, packaging industry,machinery industry,service industry, advertising industry,aerospace industry etc. As to vibration knife cutter plotter machine application materials,it includes foam,eva,PVC,PE,PP,fabric,corrugated board,papercard,grey board,cardboard,carton board,KT board,double-color plate,plastic sheet,carpet,fur toys,snowboard and ski base materials,wood veneer for inlay/marquetry artwork,leather,rubber,carbon fiber pre-preg laminates for aerospace,military,and car mat-automotive components,cardboard for custom packaging, and much more.Oh,that's impossible to list them all here.In a word,anything surrounded by you,it may be has something to do with our cnc oscillating knife cutter plotter machine.

4.Features or advantages of digital cnc oscillating knife cut machine


Compared with the traditional manual die cutting process,the economical oscillating knife cutting machine doesn't have to forge any die board any more,greatly saving the cost of die manufacturing in the process of production,management,storage and other costs.Otherwise,cnc oscillating knife cutting machine for sale opens a new era of digital knife mold machining, making a biggest breakthrough on the processing and technology.

The use of vibration and oscillation knife cutting machine can increase the average utilization of materials more than 5%,saving a great deal of cost on resources.Take an example,as to leather manufacturing,whether it is genuine leather sofa seat manufacturing or false-leather sofa seat manufacturing,it will realize a considerable costs-saving on materials in a whole year by using our economical cnc oscillating knife cutter machine.


Generally speaking,vibration knife cutting machine adopts computer control system,the safe distance can be accurate to 1 mm and keep continuous cutting for long hours,the damage of laser cutting can be totally avoid,in addition,it effectively avoid the manual cutting error,much more accurate for the material evaluation. That is to say,with the help of digital best oscillating knife cutter,you can make a relatively accurate estimate of the raw materials for the production,accurate calculation for the materials,accurate calculation for the product cost,realize totally digital management,not only saving the material purchase cost but also reducing the inventory cost.

3)High efficiency

Another advantage is that cnc oscillating knife cutting machine can greatly increase the rate of finished products or products passing rate in a great degree. For instance,leather oscillating knife cutting machine,it can cut the leather according to the leather's natural texture,adjusting the cutting direction in time,reducing the loss and improving the material utilization rate.

5.Oscillating knife cutter manufactures

For cnc oscillating knife cutting machine is a new design in cnc machinery industry,so there is only few cnc oscillating knife cutter suppliers in China.Dekcle cnc equipment company is located in Jinan city,the biggest cnc equipments base in China,has been professional in producing all kinds of cnc machines,especially cnc vibration knife cutter plotter machine.Our company always pays attention to the latest news in cnc machine industry,if there occurs a promising project,we will make a comprehensive evaluation of its value and risks to decide the next step. Forcnc oscillation knife cutting machine,we draw a conclusion that digital cnc oscillating knife cutter plotter is deserve our investment,for we believe it gonna be a hit in the cnc machine market sooner or later in developed countries even all over the world. Actually,cnc oscillating knife cutter for sale has a predominant advantage over other cnc machines,it is best quality cnc oscillating knife cutter is totally environment friendly,which just perfectly meet the requirements of environment protection in most developed countries.

6.After sale service from Dekcel cnc equipment company

1.Before-sale: Please tell us your specific requirements about our digital cnc oscillating knife cutter machine configurations and what kind of work you will do.Then we will recommend the best suitable cnc oscillating knife cutting equipment for you.

2.During production: we will send some pictures of the machine during the producing,so that you can have a clear command of the cnc cutter machine processing.

3.Before shipping: we will take photos of the whole machine and make a test run video of cnc vibration knife cutter machine,to ensure that the cnc machine has been adjusted well before the delivery. Than arrange the cnc cutting oscillating knife machine delivery issues immediately after getting your recognition,of course the last 70% end money.

4.After shipping: We will send out the documents for your customs clearance ASAP.?

5.After arrival: We will confirm with you if machine is in good condition to see if any spare parts missing.And after using this digital cnc oscillation knife machine for a few days,we would like to ask your feedback for this machine,so that we can improve us and make a progress,from good to better to best.

6.About teaching: There are some oscillating knife cutter machine manual and video about how to use machine,if you have question about it.we have professional technicians to help you install and teach how to use through email,calling,video and any other contact information.

7.About warranty: we offer one year warranty for whole machine.

8.Service in long term: we hope every customer can use our vibration cnc cutter machine easily and have a great fun of it.if you have any problems of machine in 2 or 3,5 years,please feel free to  contact us.we will always here for you.

If you are a manufacture of those industries i have mentioned in this article,you may be our potential clients for cnc oscillating knife cutter. If you are interested at cnc oscillating knife cutting machine price,please contact us immediately. Of course,if you agree on my opinion about the prospect of cnc vibration knife cutter,welcome to be our cooperation partner. We are looking forward to more local agents for cnc vibration knife cutting machine especially in developed countries such as UK,US,Germany,Switzerland,etc.

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