2mm Klinger seal gasket oscillation knife cutting cnc machine
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2mm Klinger seal gasket oscillation knife cutting cnc machine

The gasket is made of paper, rubber,cork,non-asbestos or copper, and is placed between two joints to prevent fluid leakage from the sealing element between the static cover.Dekcel cnc show you how to cut the perfect gasket with our oscillation knife cutter machine
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2mm Klinger seal gasket oscillation knife cutter machine
non asbestons seal gasket oscillation knife cutting machine.jpg

DONIT Non-asbestos Gasket Cutting Vedio ShoW

Klinger,Donit,cork,rubber,non-asbestos seal gasket widely used for all kinds of industrial pipe flanges, heat exchanger, valve cover etc, used as sealing gasket. But usually need in different size and design, DEKCEL cnc gasket cutter can offer perfect cutting solution according to your request,you can cut any shape,any size,any design ,any kinds of gasket as you prefer.  

Different material need different oscillation cutting head,for gasket cutting choose the high speed oscillation knife cutting tool,as below picture show

non asbestons gasket knife cutting machine.jpg

Techinical Parameter of Decek CNC Gasket Cutting Machine





Multi-functional Cutting Head

oscillating knife,Vibration knife,Circular knife,Punching knife,Oblique knife,Pen,Punch roller,Milling knife,

Projector and camera optional and creasing wheel,cross red laser etc.

Control System

TrocutCAD Oscillation Cutting Software - TC6828


High sensitivity infrared induction (optional),Using infrared sensors,  responsive, safe and reliable.

Moving Speed

Max. 2000mm/s

Cutting Speed

Max. 1000mm/s(please set the speed according to the material)

Material Applicable

Corrugated paper, PVC expansion sheet, KT board, foam board, blanket, leather, vehicle sticker, adhesive sticker etc.

Cutting Depth

Max 50mm (depends on the material)

Material Fixing Method

Strong power vacuum absorption and intelligence Partition

Resetting Positioning Accuracy

Max 0.01mm

Mechanical Precision

Max 0.02mm

Drive System

Japan YaskawaAC servo motor. Linear guide rail

Working Table

 Vaccum Flate plate table /auto feding plate optional 

Operation Mode

worktable + data output control software (The op worktable has two type: connected and separated)


English LCD touch screen

Data Transmission



HP-GL compatible format

Buffering Capacity


Rated Power




Max Working Size




Rated voltage


Body dimension




Gasket oscillation knife cutting machine can be customized according to your request

 Our Turkey Client : 2mm JAYEM Gasket Cutting Sample Show

gasket cutting machine vedio show.jpg

Dekcel full-auto Oscillating knife cutter machine for corrugated board cutting is a professional cutting system for carton box,leather,cloth,etc. With this machine, you can conduct fast nesting and efficient cutting operation, while saving time, manpower and material. It is designed for sample cutting and small bulk production, specially providing a revolutionary cutting solution for footwear, case and bag, car and plane chair, furniture and apparel industries. 

Option System of Oscillation Knife Cutter Machine

auto feeding system oscillation knife cutter machine.jpg

- auto feeding rotary system for material in roll.
- multifunction cutting head : oscillation knife cutting tool,round blade cutting tool,V-cutter, Crease wheel,plotter pen,cross red laser ect.

Sample of Klinger Gasket Oscillation Knife Cutter Machine

seal gasket utting machine sample.jpg 
Dekcel gasket oscillation knife cutter specially for cutting klinger gasket,cork gasket,rubber gasket,non-asbestos gasket ect,gasket thickness from 0.5mm to 5mm.Dekcel prepare many kinds of gasket knife cutter machine for you,we can offer the best gasket cutting solution for you,sincerely welcome to call the consulting order or send the inquiry.Our team will try all our best offer the best gasket cutting machine for you.


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