How To Cut 3M Vinyl Film | Adhesive Sticker ?
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How To Cut 3M Vinyl Film | Adhesive Sticker ?

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How To Cut 3M Vinyl Film | Adhesive Sticker ?

How To Cut 3M Vinyl Film | Adhesive Sticker ?

What is The Adhesive Vinyl Sticker ?

An adhesive sticker is also called self-adhesive label, which is designed to be affixed to any surface such as paper, plastic, wood, glass or metal, typically by the action of a layer of adhesive on the front or back of the label. The term adhesive refers to a sticky substance, while something that is self-adhesive implies that it will stick without wetting or the application of glue to the product. This article will show you how to use digital kiss cutting plotter machine to process the 3M vinyl film and adhesive sticker.

3 ways To Cut Vinyl Adhesive Sticker

1. Manual Cutting

adhesive sticker manual knife cut

Generally, as the small quantity of adhesive sticker film are manually cut with a knife blade and ruler.

2. Die Cutting

die mold cut 3M vinyl adhesive sticker

First make a knife mold according to the pattern of the 3M vinyl sticker, and then use a die-cutting machine to manually cut one by one.

However, the die cutting has a disadvantage, It will change the cutting mold according to different patterns or stickers, which will increase the processing cost.

3. Digital CNC Knife Cutting Plotter Machine  

digital cnc knife cutter for 3M vinyl adhesive sticker

For processing the 3M vinyl film and adhesive sticker, the cnc knife cutting plotter machine is the best choice. Compare to the die mold cutting, there is no limit for the size and pattern during processing.

In addition, there is on need extra cost to open the mold while cutting the adhesive vinyl sticker by digital knife cutter plotter, thereby improving the production efficiency and reducing the cost.

How To Cut 3M Adhesive Sticker by Digital Cutter Plotter?

Step 1. Use an inkjet printer to print patterns on paper, film, kt board, pvc board or other kinds of materials.

print the adhesive sticker

Note: Please printing the black mark point with pattern for visual positioning if want to cut by  CCD camera contour knife cutting plotter machine.

Step 2. According the patter to design and draw the vector file by Coreldraw / AutoCAD / Solidworks / Illustrator ect.

3M adhesive vinyl sticker design

Step 3. Import the vector file to the Kinco software of digital knife cutting machine.

import 3M adhesive sticker vectorfile to software

Step 4. Fix well the 3M adhesive vinyl sticker on the digital cutter plotter table.

digital cnc knife cutter for 3M vinyl adhesive sticker

Step 5. Open the CCD camera visual program and to set the mark location.

vision positioning the file with digital cutter software

Step 6. Fix well the knife blade and other cutting parameters, the digital knife cutter plotter machine will cut the pattern automatically.

start to cut the 3M adhesive sticker

Application of 3M Vinyl Adhesive Sticker

1. Packaging industry

mark labels, postal parcels, letter packaging, shipping goods labels, envelope address labels.

package products adhesive sticker cutter plotter

2. Commodity industry

price label, product description label, shelf label, barcode label, drug label;

products label barcode sticker cut plotter

3. Chemical industry

labeling of paint materials, packaging labeling of automobile oil products, and labeling of various special solvent products;

chemical products adhesive sticker label cut machine

4. Electronic appliances

Electronic appliances sticker label cut machine

5. Logistics industry 

Logistics industry label sticker cut machine

6. Automobile industry

It is mainly film, mainly used for decorative decals on automobiles and motorcycles, logo text on trademark windows, reflective films on highways, and markings on containers.

automotive car adhesive vinyl film cut

Except for cutting 3M vinyl film and adhesive sticker, other model of digital CNC knife cutting machine can also cut many other kinds of materials such as fabric oscillating cut machine, leather, pvc, gasket, rubber, cardboard knife cutter plotter, package box, foam pneumatic oscillating knife cut machine, EVA, fiberglass, carbon fiber, ect.

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