Anti-static PVC Vinyl Strip Curtains Vibration Knife Cutting Machine
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Anti-static PVC Vinyl Strip Curtains Vibration Knife Cutting Machine

Dekcel cnc vinyl strip curtains vibration knife cutting machine with high speed oscillation cutting head,widely used for cutting soft pvc,vinyl ,PTFE,nylon ect,due to its unbreakable characteristics It is widely used in many industries,Dekcel CNC will provide the best vinyl cutting solution for you and sincerely at your service.
  • DEK-1625


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Anti-static PVC Vinyl Strip Curtains Vibration Knife Cutting Machine
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PTFE Transparent PVC Vinyl Curtain Cutting Video Show

PVC vinyl strip curtains due to its unique features of transparency, soft and smooth, insulation.It has a variety of functions such as isolation (cold), noise prevention (dust), Anti-mosquito and anti-insect barrier,anti-static and so on,widely used in shopping malls,supermarkets,hotels,buildings and offices, public places, factories, freezers, food and pharmaceutical factories ect.

Feature of Vinyl Strip Curtains Cutting Machine

1. Our PVC vivyl knife cutting machine with high frequency vibration knife cutting head,the cutter’s vibration speed can be adjusted according to the material.

2. Strip curtains cutting machine with knife blade cutter tool,compare to the laser,there is no black,yellow,burn edge,no smoke,and more environmental protection.
3. vinyl strip curtains cutting machine with vacuum working table,the vinyl plastic be absorbed tightly on the worktable.
4.Japan Yaskawa or Yanasonic servo motor and driver,ensure the vibration cutting with high precision.
5. TrocutCAD vibration control system,easily learn and operation,supporting PLT ,AI DXF and international standard cutting format which is out of CAD.
6. In order to make your cutting work more efficiently, Dekcel have a auto feeding system for users of oscillating knife cutting machine.

Technical Parameter of Vinyl vibration cutting machine
Mode DEK-1625 DEK-1825 DEK-2125
Cutting Area 1600mm x 2500mm 1800mm x 2500mm 2100mm x 2500mm
Working Character The cutting machine runs with the computer simultaneously, the data can be transfered fast, and can be used continuously.
Cutting Speed 0-1200mm/s
Cutting Thickness 0.4mm-50mm, can be adjusted according to the material and customers' requirement.
Cutting Materials Corrugated paper, Honeycomb board, Plastic, Rubber board, Greyboard, Leather, PVC, PU, Acrylic, composite materials, etc.
Knife Oscillating blade head, Milling Cutter, Hobbing Cutter, Creasing Wheel
Applicable Pen Type Common signing pen, Oil pen, ball-point pen, Silver pen
Mesaure to Fix Material Divisional vacuum absorption
Mechanical Resolution 0.07mm
Software Resolution 0.025mm, 0.01mm, 0.1mm (optional)
Interface of Transmission Standard parellel and serial interface
Buffer Capability Once fast transfer
Command HP-GL and GP-GL compatible mode
Digital Control Panel TrocutCAD TC-6828
Transimission Materials Staight line guide track/ Synchronous belt/ Imported synchronous belt
Motor Yaskawa/Panasonic/Delta Servo motor
Cutting Blade Rotate Vibrational cutting head 18000r/min, milling spindle motor 4000-1000r/min
Machine Working Voltage AC 220V ± 10%, 50HZ

Air Pump working Voltage

AC 380V ± 10%, 50 HZ

Application of vinyl vibration knife cutting machine

vinyl strip curtain vibration cutting sample.jpg

Property of PVC vinyl strip plastic

Cold insulation, heat preservation, energy saving, insect-proof, anti-dust, anti-wind, moisture, fire prevention, anti-static, anti-glare, anti-ultraviolet, sound insulation, lighting, safety warning, prevention of accidents.
Application of Vinyl Strip Curtains by Vibration Cutting Machine
Applicable to cold storage, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, electronics, machinery, printing, factories, workshops, hospitals, markets, restaurants and other industries.Width: 20cm, 1.22 m, 1.72 m.Length: 20m - 50m. Thickness: 0.2-1.0mm, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0mm-5mm.


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