Dekcel cnc engraver router machine operation principles and manual
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Dekcel cnc engraver router machine operation principles and manual

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Dekcel cnc engraver router machine operation principles and manual

CNC Engraver Router Machine Operation Principles and Manual

Dekcel series cnc engraving router's basic operation principle and manual must be followed in case of electric shock, personal injury, fire and other accidents while use dekcel series cnc engraver router machines.For your safety and others ,please carefully read the following engraver router machine's operation principles and manuals.

safe operation principle of cnc engraving router machine

1. Keep clean

(1) keep the engraving cnc router machine work place clean is very important. The disorganized environment will lead to accidents. 

(2) Spare parts should be cleaned in time. The control box should cleaned up every week to avoid leaking the electricity due to the damp weather. 

(3)Remember not to take air guns to blow dust which is easy to blow the dust into the electrical components resulting in poor contact. The correct way is to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust. (be sure to power off)

2. Pay attention to environment

(1) Dekcel CNC series cnc engraver router can not be placed in the dark and wet place. Because it not only shorten the service life of the cnc machine, but also very dangerous. 

(2) When the weather is wet, it is easy to cause electricity because of dust. In addition, do not work in the place which has flammable liquids or gases. The machine must be grounded!    

3. Beware of electric shock:

Beware of electric shock for cnc engraving router machine

(1) Be sure to avoid direct contact with the main shaft, power output, controller interface and so on to prevent electric shock.  

(2) The power of the router machine must be stopped when make the maintenance. Use the appropriate leakage protector according to the power of the machine! 

(3) The power cord must be compressed! Press firmly! Don't pull the connecting cable or pull out the power plug. 

(4) Cables should be kept away from heat sources and material flammable and explosive while avoiding contact with sharp objects.

4. Stay away from processing: 

(1)Do not allow outsiders and children near the workplace of cnc engraving machine. Visitors who have nothing to do with the job must maintain a safe distance (at least 5 meters). 

(2)The operator's hands should be away from the engraver router machine spindle, processing workpiece during the working process. 

(3)Keep a safe distance of more than 1.5 meters . When stopping the cnc processing router, users must cut off the power supply, and prohibit outsiders, children, unrelated personnel to touch the machine at will. 

(4)Be careful not to move or damage the warning signs that are mounted on the machine;

5.reasonable use: 

(1) The processing efficiency is higher and the effect is better and more secure if users comply with the reasonable working process operation.

(2) Don't use a small power spindle working hard and heavy materials and the processing tools should be used properly. 

(3) The faster speed of spindle doesn’t mean the better working effect. It will cause many problems because of the improper spindle speed.

6 Appropriate clothing:

(1) Do not wear loose clothes and jewelry while working with cnc engraver router. Cuffs and collars should be inserted so as not to be involved in CNC machines. 

(2) Better wear non slip rubber shoes. Long hair should wear a working cap.

7.Wear an eyepiece: 

protective glass for cnc engraving router

(1)Be sure to wear an eyepiece to protect your eyes when machining metal or multi-chip materials. 

(2)The metal material must be cooled by adding coolant to the tool and workpiece! To prevent the tool from being broken.

8 fixed workpiece:

(1) To fix the materials before the processing work. After fixing, push the workpiece by hand! And then ensure the test is firm! It is strictly prohibited to fix the workpiece when it is unstable. 

(2) When side milling tool is used (longer than 85mm), the speed should be kept at 3000-6000 rpm, and the actual engraver router processing speed should be no more than 0.8M. The amount of feed can not be more than 3mm.

9 Proper maintenance: 

cnc engraving router mahine use manual

(1)In order to give full play to the performance of engraving cnc router equipment and extend its service life, please keep the equipment clean and make regular maintenance.

(2)Refer to the "maintenance rules" of this cnc router machine. Timely lubrication, regular inspection and maintenance are needed to ensure the performance of the entire CNC equipment safe and reliable.

10. Cut off the power supply in time: 

(1) When changing the cnc router machine's tool, users must cut off the power supply of spindle motor.

(2) When processing the material, the power supply of cnc machine must cut ff.

11. keep alert: 

(1) keep adequate safety distance during the processing and keep your head clear and don't do any homework when you are tired. 

(2) The wood dust must use air gun or brush to clean up in the process of cleaning the machine;  (3) Don’t use hand or any other way to clean the lathe bed during the processing period. 

(4) Don't touch the rotating router spindle and workpiece or other moving parts; 

(5) Strictly abide by the post responsibility system: the machine must be used by professional workers.

(6) Make regular inspection of the temperature. If it is too high, users should find relevant personnel to check it. 

12. power supply voltage and grounding:

(1)AC220/380V ± 10%, 50Hz power supply must be grounded well. 

(2)Voltage instability occasions should be equipped with regulated power supply.

13. warning: 

Using the pirated CAM software and incorrect processing tool will be easy to produce the waste products and even cause serious damage to CNC engraver equipment. If users do not comply with relevant security matters, it may result in serious injury.


14. Authorized maintenance:

maintenance for cnc engraving router

Dekcel cnc engraving router equipment is for high-tech products. Any maintenance work shall be dealt with by the authorized professional personnel of the company. If you have any questions, please contact the Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Co., Ltd. Otherwise, the cnc system may produce other faults and bring the greater losses to you.

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