Maintenance of water cooling spindle for 1325 wood carving cnc router
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Maintenance of water cooling spindle for 1325 wood carving cnc router

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Maintenance of water cooling spindle for 1325 wood carving cnc router

Maintenance of water cooling spindle for 1325 wood carving cnc router

It is closely related that prolong the service life and precision of cnc wood carving router machine with the reasonable use of 1325 woodworking engraving machine. In order to better use of wood engraving cnc machine, the China cnc router for wood users are only all aspects of maintenance well. Then, the use of water cooling spindle woodworking cutting engraving cnc machine, what you should pay attention to woodworking cnc router.

1. The effect of temperature on the T-slot aluminum table woodworking cnc router is not great. But because many vacuum table woodworking cutting machine used to screw with butter and also forgot to clean every day in winter, that leading to the first boot operation does not open. Some working temperature is very low, customers added oil for the cnc wood machine, but frozen. The wood cnc router runs out of it. Therefore, in winter, the use of high speed cnc router for wood carving is best to ensure that the operating environment temperature reach room temperature. At least the staff will not be very cold. The economical woodworking cnc router is not used, if the indoor temperature is low, you should out of the water in the water tank, to prevent the water tank and the water pipe cracking.

2. The spindle motor recycling water of cnc woodworking engraving machine, it is best to use pure water, otherwise prone to scale, plug water cooling motor pipe.

3. The weather is cold in winter, the cooling water of cheap wood engraving cnc machine price to ensure the work is completed in time to clean up, be careful of the freezing the water pipes or tanks.

4. For good quality wood cnc engraving router with cooling water, some customers often forgot to change the cooling water, especially in the summer. The water temperature is too high will not cool the spindle, so for a long time using will reduce greatly the service life of the spindle.

DSP control system woodworking engraving machine.

Users of woodworking engraving cnc router machine know that the spindle motor is the core part of a cnc router for wood cutting. And cnc woodworking machine spindle motor can be divided into air-cooling motor and water cooling motor. And air cooling is through the wind heat dissipation, water-cooling motor is through the water cycle to cool.

So, if you are interested in our 1325 wood carving cnc router for your work, or have any question. Please contact Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment company. We are support service 24 hours online.

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