How to avoid the burrs by fiber laser machine cutting metal ?
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How to avoid the burrs by fiber laser machine cutting metal ?

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How to avoid the burrs by fiber laser machine cutting metal ?

The factors and solutions for burrs of fiber laser cutting

Factors that can cause burrs during metal cutting, such as: output of fiber laser source, cleanliness of focus lens and protect mirror, cutting focus and output of auxiliary cutting gas. 

The solution for removing the burrs as below for your reference 

1). First, ensure the good transmission for  fiber laser power.

- whether the relevant components of the equipment are operating normally .

- whether there is any problem with the output of the fiber laser power .

- whether the mirrors in the laser transmission process is dirty.

- whether the focus lens is dirty.

- whether the mirrors or lens has small cracks that are not easily visible to the eye.

fiber laser cutter focus lens mirror

2). Appropriate setting for fiber laser cutting power

Different thickness metal material need different cutting power, If the cutting power set high, the cutting gap will be big .Otherwise ,if the power is small not enough caused the material will not be cut through and have burrs at back side.

fiber laser cutter machine cypcut software

3). Auxiliary cutting gas output pressure setting

When the laser cutting machine is working, the auxiliary gas can quickly cool the heated area, and the cutting slag is blown away in time, so the output pressure of auxiliary gas will affect the cutting effect.

Moreover, the purity of the auxiliary gas also has certain requirements, and the higher the purity, the better cutting effect.

fiber laser cutter auxiliary gas system

Such as, the mild steel is easy to melt and cut that need low output pressure of O2 gas(0.15Mpa~0.3Mpa) . For cutting stainless steel is required to be bright and smooth  that need high pressure of N2 gas(0.5Mpa-1.2Mpa).

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