Fiber Laser Metal Sheet And Tube pipe Cutting Machine for sale with good price
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Fiber Laser Metal Sheet And Tube pipe Cutting Machine for sale with good price

Dekcelcnc fiber laser metal sheet and tube/pipe cutting machine can cut metal plate sheet, metal tubes,now the fiber laser cutting machine for metal sheet and tubes for sale with very good price.
  • DEK-1530SR


  • 20190410

1530 fiber metal tube laser cutting machine

Dekcel metal and tube fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with Japan YASKAWA servo motor and driver,German Atlanta rack,German Neugart reducer,Taiwan HIWIN guide rail for tranmission system.Machine positioning accuracy can be ±0.02 and the cutting acceleration is 1.5G.Good performance for the whole machine life . 

Advantage of Fiber Laser Cutting & Processing

(1). High precision,fast speed,small laser cutting gap, minimum heat affected zone,smooth cutting surface without burrs.

(2). The laser cutting head does not touch the surface of the material and avoid scratching the workpiece.

(3). The cutting gap is the smallest and the heat affected zone is the smallest,minimal local deformation for workpiece.

(4). Wide range of processing,machine can cut any graphic for metal sheet,pipe,tube and other profile materials.

(5). Machine can deformation-free cutting on any hardness material such as steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plate and hard alloy.

Features and advantages of fiber laser metal sheet and tube cutting machine:

dual working table for fiber cutter

Dualcutting function saving cost 

DEKCEL 1325SR fiber metal and tube cutting machine both can cut metal sheet and metal pipe.Machine with dual processing function can save the cost more than 50% and highly impoved the production efficiency.

fiber metal tube cutting clamp

New design for tube clamp 

It adopts an electric clamp design on infront and backside of the rotating device and cutting head can recognize the center of tube automatically by software control.The cutting diagonal of round or square tube available range is 20mm - 200mm .

cnc metal tube cutting machine body

Machine body is welded by a number of segmented rectangular tubes.Stiffeners are arranged inside the tubes to increase the strength and tensile strength of the bed, it also increases the resistance and stability of the guide rail so as to effectively avoid the deformation of the bed.

> High strength,stabilization,tensile strength ensure that no deformation.
> Thickness for rectangular welded tube is 10mm, machine total weight about 4500kg .

Technical Parameters of Tube Fiber Cutting Machine

Laser power
1000w,2000w,3000w,4000w,6000w ( optional )                                    
Max cutting range
Max cutting speed
Cooling way
Water cooling
Machine software
Machine accuracy
Machine transmission  Japan YASKAWA servo motor and driver with gear and rack 
Min line width
Cutting depth
0.2--5mm  (up to the materials)
Tranmission way
Y-axis importe gear rack double driver,X-axis imported ball screw
Power requirements
Environment temperature
0 - 45℃
Weight of the machine
4500 kg   
Outline size   
4520mm*2842mm*1730mm  (length*width*height)             

Application of fiber laser cutting machine

Metal sheet and tube fiber laser cutter widely used for cutting 0.5-5mm carbon steel sheets (pipes), 0.5-2.5mm stainless steel sheets, galvanized steel(pipes), electrolytic zinc-coated steel sheet(pipes), silicon steel(pipes) and other kinds of thin metal sheets and pipes. Range of pipe diameters: 20-220mm.

fiber metal and tube laser cutting machine


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