DEK-1325LC Metal fiber sheet laser cutting machine with Co2 non-metal cutting for sale
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DEK-1325LC Metal fiber sheet laser cutting machine with Co2 non-metal cutting for sale

DEK-1325LC fiber laser cutting machine can process both metal and non-metal materials. It is suitable for sheet metal cutting and stainless steel cutting,which has higher applicability and is widely used in many industries. DEK-1325LC combined with fiber laser source and co2 glass tube is powerful helpers in many industries.
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  • 20190417

1000w Fiber Laser Machine With Reci CO2 150W Model

metal and nometal fiber laser cutting machine

Metal and Nonmetal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine configuration:

# 500W/1000W Raycus fiber generator

# Beijing 150W Reci laser tube

# High closed laser cutting head

# Working area 1300*2500mm

# Delta Servo motor and drivers from Taiwan

# Taiwan Hiwin Rails

# Following and automatic adjust focus from China 

# Gear & Rack transmission system (ensure high accuracy)

# Constant temperature water chiller cooling system

# Control system with software

# Format: support many kinds of files, like DXF, DXP, NG, G,etc

# Warranty:2 years for whole machine( except for consumable parts)

Fiber and co2 laser cutting machine for metal and non-metal features

metal and nonmetal cutting head

1, The world advanced technology, can cut metal and non-metal materials at the same time.

2, Equipped with co2 laser tube, can achieve a multi-purpose machine to help customers expand production.

3, Install with the world's leading laser source and laser head brands,which have more stable performance.

4, Precision guide rail system and imported servo motor, higher configuration.

5, New generation of body manufacturing process, the machine has a longer lifetime.

6, New aviation aluminum beam, weight lighter, the speeds up to 2 times faster.

Technician parameter of Fiber Laser Cutter with CO2 150W

Machine model


Working area


Laser power

500W/1000W Raycus laser generator

Co2 Reci 150W laser tube

Cutting thickness

0-20mm material

Positioning accuracy


Max.Running Speed


Operating temperature



Imported TBI ball screw

Specified voltage and frequency

380V, 50Hz-60Hz

The advantage compared with co2 laser cutting machine

fiber metal and nonment laser source

1,Saving cost for customer. 

2,Eliminating the requirement to purchase two sets machine.

3,Power saving more than 30%, 

4,Saving more than 50% space, higher production efficiency.


Transmission and accuracy

The fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with imported TBI ball screw, Delta servo motor. The positioning accuracy of the machine is up to 0.02mm, which guarantees the good cutting quality of metal and non-metal materials.


Industry application

Due to the versatility of DEK-1325LC, it can play an important role in thin metal sheet cutting and processing non-metal materials such as wood,acrylic and leather. This machine is the best choice for industries that require both metall and non-metal materials. Widely used in advertising, stainless steel kitchen utensils, sheet metal etc industry.

fiber laser cutting machine samples


Mixed co2 and fiber laser cutting machine installation requirements

1,When the laser is installed and lifted, its inclination angle of the laser is less than 5 degree.

2,The distance from Laser to the surrounding objects at least 1.5 meters, the distance to the roof can be allowed to 1 meter.

3,Working environment temperature and humidity: Working environment temperature 25℃±2℃, small temperature fluctuation; Environmental humidity is less than 75%, no condensation. Recommendation: if the customer environment is relatively poor, the laser must be independent of the room, installed air conditioning.

4,The foundation must be flat and roughness is less than 6mm, its load capacity is greater than 1500kg.

5,Nearby there is no equipment produced a larger vibration of the, that is, the laser can not be installed on the vibration of the ground.

6,Power requirements: Grid power supply requirements: 380±10%,50Hz,three phase, neutral is grounded;  Voltage Regulator Output: 380±2%, 50Hz, three phase, neutral is grounded 50KVA.



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