How to control the cutting quality of fiber laser cutter cnc machine
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How to control the cutting quality of fiber laser cutter cnc machine

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How to control the cutting quality of fiber laser cutter cnc machine

How to control the cutting quality of fiber laser cutter cnc machine 

fiber laser cutter machine operation

No.1 Effect of focus position adjustment on cutting quality

Since the fiber laser power density has a great influence on the cutting speed, the right choice of focus lens is an important issue.

After the laser beam is focused, the spot size is proportional to the lens focal length. After the beam is focused by the short focal length lens, the spot size is small, and the power density at the focus is high, which is beneficial to material cutting.

However, its shortcoming is that the depth of focus is short and the adjustment margin is small, which is generally suitable for high-speed cutting of thin materials.Due to the long focal length lens, wide focal depth and sufficient power density, it is suitable for cutting more thickness metal material.Ensuring a constant relative cutting focus position to the workpiece is an important condition for obtaining a stable cutting quality.

Sometimes, the lens is heated due to poor cooling and caused a change in focal length, which requires timely adjustment of the focus position.

When the focus is in a better position, the cutting gap is smaller and the better cutting speed can obtain better cutting results which could highly improve the production efficiency .

In most applications, the beam focus is adjusted just below the nozzle. The distance from the nozzle to the surface of the workpiece is generally about 1.5 mm.

No.2  The effect of speed on cutting quality

On the basis of a good cutting focal length setting, the cutting speed is in accordance with a formula, and the cutting speed of the material is proportional to the laser power density.That is increased cutting speed with increasing power.

Especially for cutting metal materials, in the case of other cutting parameters unchanged, the laser cutting speed has a relative adjustment range. Still able to maintain a good cutting quality by increasing power and speed.

No.3  The effect of fiber laser output power on cutting quality

For continuous wave output fiber lasers, the setting of laser power output and mode selection have a significant impact on the cutting quality.

In actual operation, bigger power is often provided to achieve higher cutting speed, or for cutting more thicker materials. However, please note that high power output will also affect the life of the laser source.

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