What Does CNC Router Stand For?
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What Does CNC Router Stand For?

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What Does CNC Router Stand For?

CNC, the full name is Computer numerical control, literally understood, CNC is a computer controlled device. This statement is correct, as is the CNC Router. However, the CNC does not explain the function of the CNC Router Machine. Don't worry, the next step is a detailed explanation.


1 What a CNC Router can do?

The CNC Router can do only one thing, cutting.So the cutting machine can be divided into Floor Mat Cutting MachineFiber laser cutting machineSteel laser cutting machine,etc. It sounds very simple, even if it is a small child, holding a knife in his hand, you can also cut an apple. So where is the difference? The CNC Router is a computer-controlled cutting device that is not used to cut fruit, but to cut what we call harder materials such as wood, glass, metal, and more. The CNC Router Machine will not make any mistakes under normal operation, and it will complete the task perfectly according to the instructions of the computer. In other words, the CNC Router can do anything. As long as it is related to the cutting process, you can use the CNC Router to complete, and, how do you design, the machine will provide you with the best products.


2 What are the Types of CNC Router?

The CNC Router is a computer-controlled precision machine, but the CNC Router Machine is not necessarily used in the industrial field. There are a lot of enthusiasts who will make their own CNC Router. This kind of machine is generally small, but it can also complete all the functions of the CNC Router.


There are many types of CNC routers in the industrial field. Generally classified according to the number of axes. The most common is the three-axis system. The three-axis system can cut materials from three directions: X, Y, and Z. Large-scale building materials processing often uses a three-axis CNC Router.


Five-axis systems used in high-end technology are relatively rare. The five-axis CNC Router Machine cuts material from five directions and the part moves freely during the cutting process. Therefore, if you use a five-axis system, you can save your physical strength, you do not have to manually move the material, all operations are machine-completed. In general, the five-axis CNC Router is used in the aerospace industry.


Between the three-axis system and the five-axis system is the four-axis CNC Router. The biggest advantage of a four-axis system is its price/performance ratio. It offers advanced features over three-axis systems without being as expensive as a five-axis system. For most manufacturers, the four-axis CNC Router is a very suitable choice.


3 What Does CNC Router Stand for?

The CNC Router Machine is an industrial product, no doubt. But it also represents efficiency and modernization. The CNC Router helps people get out of complex and repetitive tasks, focusing only on functional design. Everything that follows is done by the machine.


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