How To Choose A Suitable CNC Router
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How To Choose A Suitable CNC Router

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How To Choose A Suitable CNC Router

If you are in the manufacturing business, looking for and planning to buy a CNC router which can save your money and increase your production. You must understand the most common notes and related terms.

 About the CNC router:

1) According to your products and material to choose suitable size of CNC router machine and wood CNC router table.

2) Control System kinds.

   In general, the CNC wood router has four kinds of control systems in China, CNC routing machine, DSP control system, CNC control system of studio and the Taiwan Syntec control system. After you understand them, and then make a choice.

3)  Choose the suitable power of machine's spindle

In general, according to the working mode of the spindle is divided into two kinds. One is water-cooling spindle, the one is air-cooling spindle. Choose a suitable spindle, the highest temperature depending on your material and your state and local weather.


About the manufacturer:

1) To ensure the manufacturer is a reliable manufacturer is very important.

   A trustworthy manufacturer will provide from desktops to CNC router machine tools of various sizes of industrial grade, to meet your application and budget, whether you are an amateur or business machine.

2) To ensure the CNC manufacturer can provide you best warranty

  Under normal operating conditions, please look for coverage that covers the machine to prevent defects in process, material, and structure. A good warranty is a guarantee for your products.

3) The Best Technical Support

 Looking for a manufacturer that offers lifetime technical support for all their CNC wood machines. The best manufacturer will have technicians who can be reached via internet or phone, so that technician can troubleshoot your machine wherever you are.


In Jinan Dekcel CNC Equipment Co., we use the machinery, hardware and software to promote and improve the productivity and efficiency of the company. Our team has rich knowledge base, we are committed to sharing our experience with you, you will help enterprises to upgrade to a new level. We have prepared the best CNC router machine and service for you, please rest assured to choose your needs.

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