The promising future for China cnc engraving router machine
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The promising future for China cnc engraving router machine

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The promising future for China cnc engraving router machine

The promising future for China cnc engraving router machine 

CNC is the abbreviation of Computer numerical control, which is made of computer, the cnc router control system and cnc router mainframe.

Working principle: There is a special cnc engraving software inside computer to design and typeset the tool path, and then send the design and typesetting information automatically to the control system of cnc router, where the information will be transmitted into pulse with power which can drive the stepper motor or servo motor of cnc engraving router to control the engraving tool path of the XYZ axis. At the same time, the high speed rotation engraving head of cnc router can be equipped with various tools which are for different materials to cut or engrave the workpieces fixed on the working table of cnc engraver router, which is able to engrave out various graphic designs or 3d embossed pattern or letters to realize automatic operation. 

Market trends of cnc engraving router:

Cnc engraving machine market follows the trend of cnc engraving industry. With the rapid development of engraving industry, the market put forward higher requirements for cnc engraving machine manufacturers. The market segmentation of engraving industry has become increasingly mature, but with only sporadic professional series engraving machine launched by cnc router factory. Therefore, launching a professional series cnc engraving router machine is the priority. Operation humanization and concision are the main developing trend of CNC engraving machine router in the future.

In order to meet the needs of large-scale production, the simple operating system has become an urgent need for cnc engraver router manufacturers. The compact and simple operating system of hot sale cnc engraving router makes it possible for one person to operate several industrial CNC engraving router at the same time.

The perfect service system is the developed basis of cnc carving router machine’s manufacturer. So the establishment of a perfect service system of cnc engraver cutter router is the urgent problem that many cnc engraving machine manufacturers need to solve.

Major functions: 

The industrial cnc router can be applied to various plane materials for cutting, two-dimensional engraving and three-dimensional carving. The main function and advantages of multifunctional metal plaque cnc engraving router machine: used for making and engraving the surface of bronze, stainless steel plate, titanium gold, aluminum and other carved patterns or fine graphic arts. Because of the powerful engraving and plating function of this cnc routing machine, the workpieces can be machined from large format like signboards to tiny chest cards and nameplates.

Application industries:

<1> woodworking industry

The cnc router applies to three dimensional wave board processing, cabinet door, craft wooden door, paint free door, screen, process window processing, furniture product milling shape carving.

<2> mold industry:

Users can carve all kinds of relief, openwork carving, shadow carving, surface carving, cutting, washing the bottom of all effects by cnc engraver router.

<3> advertising engraving:

Advertising signs, PVC plate, front plate, color plates, logo making, acrylic cutting, plastic molding, cutting, cutting, plate production: PVC, crystal board, acrylic, LED/ neon trough, literally shaped hole cutting, plastic mold making light boxes.

<4> stone carving:

Industrial cnc router for engraving can work natural marble, granite, artificial stone, tombstone, landmark, ceramic tile, glass and other materials of three-dimensional relief and line carving, cutting, chamfering, drilling, two-dimensional engraving.

<5> handicraft industry:

Cnc cutter engraver router can be used in wood, bamboo, artificial marble, organic boards, double swatches, crystal and other materials to carry out a variety of exquisite patterns and text



Cnc engraver router requires high precision. The necessary day-to-day maintenance and protection of the industrial cnc carving router is essential to its accuracy. Please maintain the cnc router for engraving according to the following requirements.


First, the continuous running time of cnc cutter router is expected to be below 10 hours per day to ensure the cleanliness of cooling water and the normal work of water pump. The spindle motor of cnc engraving router is not allowed to be short of water and the cooling water must be changed regularly to avoid the over heating water temperature. In winter, if the working environment temperature is too low, the water in the tank can be changed into antifreeze.

Two, users should pay attention to clean the cnc router every time the machine is used. It is necessary to clean up the dust on working table and transmission system and add lubrication oil every week to XYZ axis. (Note: X, Y, Z axis rod use oil for maintenance; ball screw part uses high speed butter; if the working temperature in winter is too low, screw rod (square or circular guide rail) part should use gasoline to wash firstly, then add oil. Otherwise, it will cause the resistance of cnc router’s transmission part because of the excessive router machine dislocation). 

Three, The power supply must be cut off when maintaining the electrical parts of cnc engraver router machine. When the monitor is off and the main loop power indicator lights out, the maintenance can be worked out.

(1)if that broken axis of China cnc router can work normally after the exchange, then it indicates that the drive block of breaking axis is damaged, which needs users to change the drive block. If the axis still doesn't work, then there maybe something wrong with the cable or motor of cnc engraver cutter router. What we do is to replace the cable or motor to make the cnc engraving router work out as before. 

When neither of the three axes can move, users are supposed to check the aviation plug of three axis is connected to the control box of cnc carving router or not and to see if the control box is open or not. In addition, users can also be able to check the data line is connected with the control card in the control box or not. If the above is all normal, please contact the factory to fix this cnc router.

(3) The spindle of cnc engraving router can not operate properly. Users are expected to check the error code displayed by the inverter LED display screen (Take the error code items of inverter instructions for an reference)

As we all know, the society is increasingly developing as well as the science and technology, which requires manufacturers to have high sights and good knowledge of market trends of cnc router to catch up the pace of era and grab the cnc China router market opportunity to achieve success all the time in the fierce competition.

With the involvement of cnc router, the market competition is more and more fierce. The higher requirements for more stable, faster speed and higher efficiency need better skills and quality of the processing products to come up. For customers of industrial China cnc engraver router machine, the most important thing is to select a proper cnc carving router which matches self-development and satisfies the market needs to adapt to the demands of cnc cutter router market competition. Only continuously updating various cnc engraving router and cultivating innovation people can producers survive in the fierce competition.

Hope this article will help you. If you have any questions about cnc router wood engraving instructions, please contact us as soon as possible. Jinan Dekcel Cnc Euipment Co., Ltd will always be there for you.

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