Why Dekcel industrial cnc wood router machine has high precision and fast speed?
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Why Dekcel industrial cnc wood router machine has high precision and fast speed?

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Why Dekcel industrial cnc wood router machine has high precision and fast speed?

Why Dekcel industrial cnc wood router has high precision and fast speed?

Industrial cnc wood router is specially designed for wood doors,cabinet,solid wood doors,relief doors,hollow carving and so on.In order to cater to high customized demands of wood furniture,cnc router wood engraving machine has gotten big innovation,Dekcel cnc equipment company has produces single head cnc wood router,two process cnc wood engraver,and three process cnc woodworking machine and even 4 axis cnc router for the wood,5 axis cnc woodworking router,getting the characteristics of high carving speed,high precision,good bearing capacity and long service life.In other words,cnc router for wood carving is the best choice for wood furniture manufacturing industry.

1.CNC engraving wood machine body is made of thick-walled steel pipe. The wood router machine bed is subjected to finite element analysis and design to provide a rigid and stable processing platform for the wood carving machine and all the stress of the bed has been eliminated.

2.Cnc routers for woodworking's all positioning bearings,ball screw,linear guide,gear and rack,have the regular lubrication maintenance by the automatic lubrication system.Dekcel industrial cnc wood router table machine adopts TBI ball screw transmission and square guide rail from Taiwan, a famous Chinese brand in mechanical industry,which is very popular for cnc router wood engraving machine supplier,hobby mini cnc router supplier and metal milling machine manufacturers and cnc stone engraving machine producer etc.

3.All models of wood cnc router table main components is made of international top brands,such as Japan Yaskawa AC servo motor and driver systems,Italy HSD air-cooling spindle,Taiwan ball screw transmission and guide rails,DSP controller or NC studio control system and Mach3 control system etc.All these parts are necessary for high quality wood carving with a cnc router.Normally the imported parts are a little bit more expensive than the domestic parts of table top cnc wood router.

4.If you want to engrave complex patterns or graphics on materials,you can buy a cnc wood router with a compatible tool magazine 0f 5 router bits or 10 router tools.When confronted with automatic tool change,Syntec control system and NK200 or NK300 control system will be needed for high precision high speed cnc wood carving router.

5.As to vacuum adsorption table,generally speaking there are six processing areas for cnc router table for wood,every single area can be processed at the same time,has greatly improved wood cnc routing machine processing efficiency.

6.CNC woodworking engraving machine using integrated industrial computer LNC-520H control system to ensure that the cheap cnc wood router working in high-speed,high-precision.

In conclusion,these are the main factors for wood cnc router machine working in high precision and fast speed.If you have the intention to buy a cnc woodworking machine,not just focus on the industrial cnc wood router price,please have a careful check of cnc router wood engraving quality,which is the decisive factor for buying a cnc wood engraving machine.Hope this is very helpful for you to negotiate with wood cnc router manufacturers at the aspect of quality and price.

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