Application fields of cnc router carving machine
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Application fields of cnc router carving machine

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Application fields of cnc router carving machine

Application fields of cnc router carving machine

As the cnc router carving machine manufacturer, in order to meet the customers requirements, Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company has lunched new design of cnc router machine, such as, economical woodworking carving router machine, cnc stone carving machine for marble granite tombstone, small or big advertising router for wood carving, cheap atc wood carving machine and so on.


Cnc router carving machine, as the modern cnc equipment, is popular with people more and more. Now we will introduce it mainly from the following application field, for example, plaque, advertising signs; architectural models, craft gifts, wood processing, organic glass, woodblock printing, plastic mold industry.


1. Plaque, signs:

In our daily life, we can see the plaque, signs everywhere. Those products are produced with the cnc woodworking engraving router machine. The high speed wood carving cnc router can be improved working effectiveness and on a certain trend, using cnc router for wood carving machine also reduce the labor cost.


2. Plastic mold:

Marking letters and pattern mold are a very important link in the process of light box. The good cnc engraving router machine is also a useful tool in this process.

The good quality cnc wood carving machine is widely used in various household processes, art lamps and gifts, and the shell of household appliances.


3. Building model, mechanical model, vehicle model and ship model:

Model is a tool designed for the most ancient. In this modern society, people give the model a more innovative meaning and use more widely. At present, the cnc mould engraving machine which makes the model more exquisite and faster has become the best assistant in model industry.


4. Ats and crafts, gifts, souvenirs:

Medals, certificates, souvenirs and advertising products, popular sculpture and so on are appeared in more and more meetings, tourism activities. Do you know how those beautiful products produced? Yes, now the cnc advertising wood engraving machine are used in this industry.


5. Organic glass:

Organic glass is one of the most ideal material for carving. For the cnc router machine, regardless of the "cut", "milling" and "eagle", "carved", "diamond" five process which a processing method of organic glass has excellent performance. while organic glass has been the ideal material in testing instruments, POP model, advertising decoration, art lamps, small decorations, gifts, souvenirs, close combination and so on.


6. Woodblock printing:

Carving and engraving offset is still in some area can not be replaced by printing technology. The cnc router engraving machine with high speed can finish your work in a short time, so the cnc machine can reduce your production time greatly.


Of course, the cnc carving router machine is not only used in those fields that above mentioned. In order to meet the cnc router engraving machine users needs, Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company, as the cnc router manufacturer, has developed economical woodworking cnc router, and many different kinds of cnc router machine for sale.


In addition, there are a various of router machine size, the normally mode, DEK-1325, the working are is 1300*2500mm, DEK-1530, the working area is 1500*3000mm. And small size is DEK-0609, DEK-1212, the working area is 600*900mm and 1200*1200mm. But we can also have bigger size and customized for you. The staff of our company who has many years experience can provide you a most suitable cnc machine for your work. So you can choose a suitable cnc engraving router machine with good quality from our company.


If you are interested in our cnc carving router machine, or have any question about the router machine. Please contact Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company. We are support service 24 hours online.


Thanks for your time.

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