Yongli CO2 280w China 1325 MDF Laser Cutting CNC Machine
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Yongli CO2 280w China 1325 MDF Laser Cutting CNC Machine

China DEKCEL CNC 280w laser machine specially used for cutting MDF plywood board,The cutting thickness of the MDF is decided by the power of the laser. The more laser power, the more thicker MDF that can be cut.Generally speaking,our 280w can cut MDF thicknesses from 3mm ~ 18mm .
  • DEK-1325M / DEK-1530M

  • China DEKCEL CNC

  • 180

China 1325 MDF Laser Cutting CNC Machine with Yongli CO2 280w

At presendt DEKCEL CNC series 280w laser cutting machine have DEK-1390M , DEK-1325M , DEK-1530M  or we can customized for you.

Dekcel 1325-280W laser cutting machine can be used to cut the MDF. It can not only engrave the pattern on the surface of the MDF but also can cut various patterns of the MDF. What role does the MDF play in our lives?

First of all, let us know what is a MDF laser cutting machine?
China 280w MDF laser cutting machine

MDF outdoor sign laser cutting machine 

MDF laser cutter machine is one kinds of the non-metal laser cutting products.Dekcel MDF laser cutting machine adopts famous brand leadshine stepping motor, with imported belt drive and reasonable guide rail structure, equipped with Ruida laser control system, which improves the cutting speed and efficiency without affecting the cutting effect of small circle and straight line. DEKCEL CNC MDF laser cutting machine has the characteristics of good rigidity, high speed, wide processing range and good stability. The equipment with high efficiency, high precision and high rigidity.

The characteristics of China MDF laser cutting machine

1.Dekcel series laser cutting machine choose china famous brand laser tube Beijing Reci and Jilin Yongli laser tube which have more powerful and stable .
2.Choosing Leadshine stepper motor combined with belt drive and guide rail structure,Significantly improved the laser processing speed and accuracy performance.
3.Machine electrical components are imported brands or china famous brand, using standardized industrial wiring .
4.Adopts imported laser lenses, which have stronger light transmission and smaller heat loss, which greatly improves the cutting speed and effect.
5. Support power-off continuous engraving, work preview function, our cutting machine control panel support dynamic display of processing trajectory and coordinate points, real-time display and tracking of processing progress . 

Details Show of 280W MDF Laser Cutting Machine

280w laser tube for mdf cutter mcahine

yongli 280w laser source

china mdf laser cutting machine manufacture 

Attentions for laser cutting MDF board:
1.Use high-density MDF board, because some MDF board will be doped with impurities such as iron filings during the manufacturing process.
2.The power of the laser tube for cutting the MDF board should not be too small. Laser cutting machine manufacturers generally recommend laser tubes of 150w,280w or more. 
3.Before cutting, adjust well the optical path of the laser cutting machine to ensure the laser power, and choose a suitable combination of laser power and speed.
4.In order to make sure the the cutting effect,please use big and pure air blow while cutting,the pressure at least 0.6Mpa~0.8Mpa.

Application of 280w MDF laser Cutting Machine 

Furniture industry: all kinds of plate combination furniture, table frame furniture. Used to produce a variety of furniture components, such as panels, side panels, back panels, office screens, etc.

mdf furniture screen laser cutting
Building decoration industry: Typical uses include: laminate flooring, wall panels, ceilings, doors, door skins and door openings, various interior partitions
mdf model laser cutting machine

Other applications such as: luggage frames, packaging boxes, toy puzzle blocks, clock casings, billboards - outdoor signs, display stands, shallow bottom trays, ping-pong tables, sculptures, models, etc.

mdf billboards laser cutting and engraving


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