China hot sale co2 laser cutting machine used for advertising industry
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China hot sale co2 laser cutting machine used for advertising industry

Dekcel China hot sale co2 laser cutting machine used for cutting metal material-stainless steel, carbon steel and non-metal material-acrylic, wood board,MDF sheet.mainly used for advertising industry.
  • DEK-1325J


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china co2 metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine

co2 cnc laser cutting machine for sale

Characteristics of our china laser cutting machine
1, Mixed-cut:metal-Stainless steel, carbon steel and non-metal-acrylic, wood board,MDF sheet.
2, Economic, cost-effective multi-functional co2 laser cutting machine
3, Constant light system: The co2 laser cutting machine uses the constant light, achieving high precision cutting of the whole area.
4, Non-contact height-adjusting configuration enables to cut almost all materials with lowest cost. 
5, Working table: open blade with special treated material. Durable and operated easily suitable for all kinds of hard materials.
6, Moving system adopts Taiwan-HWIN liner guide and precision gear, matched up with advanced Ruida control system and stepper motor to ensure the working accuracy.
7, The cutting section with good quality:Mechanical follow-up cutting head system, cutting head always follows the material to keep the cutting point location unchanged, which insures smooth cutting section without processing again. It can adapt to flat or curved surface sheet cutting.
8, Adopt sealed co2 laser tube , main consumable items are electric energy,watercooling, auxiliary gas and laser light
9, Sample structure, easy operation, stable laser device and low maintenance cost.

Capability of hot sale co2 metal laser cutting machine:
#.Carbon steel :     0-2.5mm;
#.Stainless steel:   0-1.5mm;
#.Acrylic :              0-28 mm;
#.Wood :                0-25 mm.

Configuration of co2 laser cutting machine used for advertising industry.                                                                           
1. Metal and nonmetal machine one set
2. 150W beijing RECI laser tube
3. Industry water chiller CW5200 with water protect function
4. Imported lens and mirrors
5. Motor and driver: Stepper motor and driver
6. Transmission way: Linear Hiwin square rail way from Taiwan and shanghai Fulong belt transmission.
7. Knife blade worktable
8. Ruida laser cutting head designed with auto focusing and follow-up system
9. Ruida DSP off-line control system
10.USB controlling board software: Newest version Ruida 6332M control system
11.Two Exhaust fan
12.Air pump
13.User manual and optional CD
14.Tool box
Technical parameter


      DEK-1325J or size customized

Working area (X*Y*Z) 

        1300*2500mm as customized

Table size

        1550*3050*1450mm or as customized

Body structure

         Thicked steel wedding body


         Taiwan hiwin/pmi square rails

Z Structure

         Metal following head

X, Y Resolution


Moving Speed 


Engraving Speed


XYZ traveling positioning accuracy


XYZ repositioning accuracy


laser power

 150w RECI Brand laser power or as needed

Power supply

          RECI laser power supply



Drive type

           Stepper motors and leadshine drivers

Graphic format


Minimum shaping character 



             RUIDA controller

Laser head

              Metal professionl laser head for metal and nonemtal cutting 

Running Environment 

             Temperature: 0℃~45℃


             Export wooden box

After packed size




metal following head for cutting metal

Ruida control system for co2 metal laser cutting machine

Packing of co2 laser cutting machine used for advertising industry.
Dekcel hot sale china cnc laser packing

DEKCEL cnc laser machine


Dekcel metal and nonmetal co2 laser cutting machine used in which industry?            
1. Chassis cabinets
2. Home appliances
3. Kitchen utensils and appliances
4. Lamps and lanterns
5. Electrical and electronic products
6. Metal products, instruments and meters
7. Precision machinery
8. Steel structure
9. Elevator manufacture
10. Advertising
11. Handicrafts
12. Packaging
13. Environmental protection equipment and other machinery processing industry.
What materail this hot sale china laser cutting machine processing?                                        
Metal like Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel, Iron, etc. Nonmetal like Acrylic, Plastic, Acryl, PMMA, Perspex, Plexiglas, Plexiglass, Wood, Balsa, Plywood, MDF, Glass, Organic Glass, ABS, Paper, Paperboard, Cardboard, Leather, Marble, Bamboo, Rubber Sheet, etc.
150w laser cutting 20mm die boad letter

co2 laser cutting mdf sheet

co2 cnc laser cutting machine for acrylic

wood cnc laser cutting machine

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