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6040 Mini Phone Case CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving CNC Machine
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6040 Mini Phone Case CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving CNC Machine

Dekcel cnc phone case laser engraving machine is mainly used for engraving and cutting for nonmetal material, such as acrylic, wood planks (light planks, candlenut wood), bamboo ware, double color board, paper, leather, shell, coconut shell, ox horn, resin animal grease, ABS board, lampshade, etc
  • DEK-6040J
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6040 Phone Case CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving CNC Machine
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Main Features of Mini Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine:
1). Water chiller.It is used to cool the laser tube, CW3000 model for 60W/80W, CW5200 for 100W/150W/180W
2). Air pump or compressor. Push fumes away from the laser's focal lens; push air into the material's kerf as created by the laser beam;the air will help to cool the material. 
3). Exhaust fan. It creates an air flow to remove dust and fumes from the work area of the laser machine. 
4). Worktable. Metal-bar worktable for hard materials such as acrylic, glass,etc.    
Or Honeycomb worktable for soft materials such as cloth,paper,fabric,etc.  
5). Red dot pointer. It will show you where is the laser dot.
CNC Mini Laser Cutting Machine Optional Parts for More Functions
1). Z-axis motorized up-down worktable
With this device,Z-Axis worktable can move up and down automatically.With about 500mm of usable height.
 2). Chuck rotary device for engraving cyliners such as bamboo,cups,etc.
 3). Roller rotary device for engraving irregular cylinders such as bottle,etc.

Technical Parameters for  6040 CNC Laser Engraving Machine 



Laser type

Sealed CO2 laser tube

Laser power

60W, 80W, 100W, 130w, 150W,200W

Engraving area


Engraving speed


Cutting speed


Resetting position accuracy


Max scanning accuracy


Working voltage

AC110-220V ±10%,50-60HZ


Max 1,500W

Operating temperature

0-45 degree

Operating humidity


Minimum shaping character

English 1*1mm,Chinese 2*2mm

Graphic format supported


Driving system

stepper motor

Cooling mode

Water-cooling and protection system

Assistant equipment

Water pump,Air pump,Exhaust-fan,Red dot pointer

Optional Equipment

Water chiller,up and down clump,honeycomb table

Rotary system, Auto focus

Consumable parts

Extra laser tube  Extra 1 lens and 3 mirrors

Compatible software


Control system


Details Show of Mini Laser Machine

 laser machine cutting head.jpg

laser machine hiwin guide rail.jpg

red laser position pointer.jpg

laser machine stepping motor.jpg

Applicable Industry and Materials:
# Industry : Arts and crafts, mould ndustry (construction mould, aviation and navigation mould, wooden mould), decoration, electric appliances, etc.

# Materials : Non-metal materials such as double-color sheets, acrylic, glass, wood planks, paper, leather, rubber, marble, granite and tiles, etc.

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