Industrial Co2 150W 300W 600W MDF Wood Laser Cutter Machine
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Industrial Co2 150W 300W 600W MDF Wood Laser Cutter Machine

Industrial wood laser cutters can cut a wide variety of wood. To find the best and most affordable laser cutter, DEKCEL CNC can offer you the best wood laser cutting solutions.
  • DEK-1325J-600W


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Industrial Co2 600 Watt Wood Laser Cutter Machine  


Using laser cutter for wood-based materials offers many advantages. Our wood board laser cutter machine is available with 150w, 300w, and 600w co2 laser tubes, and the laser power is strong and stable. Adopt advanced software to design and optimize products and meet clients' needs. It is widely used in various wood processing industries because laser cutting is highly effective and efficient.

600 Watt MDF Wood Laser Cutting Video

Technical Parameters of Co2 600w Laser Cutter

Model DEK-1325J
Laser Power 150w, 300w, 600w
Control Sytem Rd laser controller
Preposition Accuracy  ±0.01mm
Driving System  Japan Yaskawa or Panasonic servo motor
Working Voltage AC220V ± 10%, 50-60Hz

Details of 600w Laser Cutter Equipment

1. Top Brand Co2 Laser Tube


80w, 100w, 150w, 180w





The core component of the wood laser cutter machine is the laser tube. Our machine uses laser tubes made by leading domestic brands, such as Beijing Reci, Jilin Yongli, Wuhan Siliwo, and others. The output laser power is strong and stable, the processing accuracy is high, the cutting effect is perfect, and there is no after-sales service.

2. It is possible to cut and process various complex graphics using the Ruida laser system, such as 90-degree angles, rounded corners, sharp corners, etc.


3. Independent water cooling circulation system for cooling the laser head, focusing mirror, and reflecting mirrors.


4. Japan Yaskawa or Panasonic servo motor and rack drive system, high cutting precision, high speed, smooth cutting surface.


Lasers, CCD cameras, and image recognition software enable the contour cutting of UV-printed MDF boards, plywood, acrylic, KT board, etc.


The CCD camera laser cutter is specially designed for automatic recognition and cutting for various fabrics and leathers or printed acrylic, MDF wood board, KT board, PVC plastic, etc.


4 Key Factors of 600w Laser Cutter Machines

Laser Path

Precisely adjusting laser optical paths is one of the keys to laser cutting. The greater the output power, the better the cutting effect with a perfectly adjusted laser transmission optical path.


Adjusting the position of the laser tube and the focus lens guarantee that the output laser can be cut vertically on the material, so that can obtain a perfect 90-degree vertical section after the laser cutting is completed.

Cutting Focal Length

A correct focal length setting in laser cutting will result in a very small cutting gap. The cutting gap will become larger if the laser cutting focal length is not set correctly.

Assisted gas

The input-assisted gas is one of the key factors influencing the quality of laser cutting. The higher the input gas pressure, the better the cutting effect. Otherwise, the cutting edge will burn and turn black at the low input air pressure.

Applications of 600w Wood Laser Cutter Machine

The 600w laser cutter machine is suitable for cutting and cutting various non-metallic sheets such as wood, MDF, acrylic, plywood, etc. It is widely used in furniture and advertising applications.


If you are unsure how to choose the right laser cutting machine, please let me know your requirements, and I will recommend the right one.


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