1390 Wood Cutter Reci 100w Laser Engraver Machine For Sale
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1390 Wood Cutter Reci 100w Laser Engraver Machine For Sale

Using laser cutting wood has the advantages of high precision, narrow laser gap, fast speed and smooth cutting surface,machine easy operation,you can cut any complex pattern as you prefer,so laser cutting is the best choice for wood cutting.
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1390 Wood Cutter Reci 100w Laser Engraver Machine For Sale
1390 honeycomb table co2 laser cutter machine

1 ). Water chiller.It is used to cool the laser tube, CW3000 model for 60W/80W, CW5200 for 100W/150W/180W
2 ). Air pump or compressor. Push fumes away from the laser's focal lens; push air into the material's kerf as created by the laser beam;the air will help to cool the material. 
3 ). Exhaust fan. It creates an air flow to remove dust and fumes from the work area of the laser machine. 
4 ). Worktable. Metal-bar worktable for hard materials such as acrylic, glass,etc.  Or Honeycomb worktable for soft materials such as cloth,paper,fabric,etc.  
5 ). Red Cross accurate positioning, convenient and quick in finding engraving and cutting position. 
6 ). Euipped with automatic lifting platform and auto-focus function
7 ). Drive system with high precision linear guide and slide block, high precision, wear resistance, small resistance, high speed; arc-gear synchronous belt 3m, stable transmission, strong shock absorption ability and small noise
DEKCEL CNC 1390 reci 100w laser cutter and engraver manufacture
Method for laser cutting wood

When the laser cutting wood,the laser focused energy melts the board, there will be a black phenomenon in the cutting process, which is that the cutting edge is carbonized.
Today, DEKCEL CNC will show you how to reduce or even avoid this situation.

1.  Notice is that make sure finish cutting in one time, don't do a second process and avoid secondary damage.

2.  Machine best power with favorable cutting speed will offer you the best performance , use Reci 80w for example:
    3mm wood board : Power : 45%   Speed : 50mm/s
    3mm wood board : Power : 55%   Speed : 45mm/s
    3mm wood board : Power : 65%   Speed : 25mm/s
3. For 15mm,20mm,25mm or more thickness wood,you’d better choose big laser tube for the machine,such as130w,150w,180w,300w ect.
4. In addition to the power speed that affects the black now,there is also a very important factor - air blowing, the cutting wood must be with air blow, first is blow away the smoke to protect the focus lens;second,air blowing can assist in cutting and making cutting easier to prevent fire. So,the best choice for wood cutting is use air compressor,
5. choose the most suitable focus lens,1mm-10mm thickness use f=63.5 laser cutting focus lens; 10mm-30mm choose f=100 laser cuter focus lens or more big length of focus lens.
1390 Optional Parts for More Functions
1). Z-axis motorized up-down worktable
      Z-Axis worktable can move up and down  automatically.With about (20-50cm) of usable height.
2). Chuck rotary device for engraving cyliners such as bamboo,cups,etc.
3). Roller rotary device for engraving irregular cylinders such as bottle,etc.

Technical Parameter of 1390 Wood Laser Cutter Machine


Product model






Max working area(mm)






Gross weight withaccessories






Laser power


Laser Types

CO2 Laser Tube

Engraving speed(mm/min)


Cutting speed(mm/min)


Minimum letter

English 1 x 1mm

Location precision


Resetting positioning accuracy


Driving system

Stepper  (Hybrid servo&Panasonic servo are optional)


RDworks V8 

360°slope engrave


Power supply

AC 220V/50Hz~60HZ  (110V is also available)

Operating temperature

0 - 45℃

Operating humidity

5 - 95%

Laser output control

1-100% control panel and software setting

Highest scanning precision


Compatible software

CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop

Auxiliary Devices

Exhaust fan and Exhaust pipe

Cooling mode

Water-cooling and protection system

Graphic format supported

BMP, CIF, JPEG, TGA, TIFF, PLT, AI, DXF, DST (TIANDAO Embroidery Software), DWG, CDR, etc

Dekcel CNC 1390 Wood Laser Cutter Machine Details 

1. 1390 wood laser cutter and engraver machine head with red cross laser , auto-focus system for option.

1390 co2 laser cutter and engraver machine head.jpg

2. 1390 laser cutter knife blade table and honeycomb working table

1390 laser cutter knife blade table and honeycomb working table.jpg

3. CO2 laser cutter machine stepper motor for transmission,YASKAWA servo motor and driver for option

1390 co2 laser cutter machine stepper motor.jpg

4. Hiwin guide rail transmission for laser cutter machine 

1390 laser cutter machine Hiwin guide rail for transmission.jpg

5.  Laser cutter machine with Reci tube,big power and more stable.

1390 laser cutter machine reci tube.jpg

Application Fields
Advertisement, arts and crafts, toys, car, mechanism, electron, as well as in trademarks, embroidery, clothing and other industries.

Advertisement material

Acrylic engraving and cutting, plastic engraving and cutting, PVC boardengraving and cutting, rubber plate engraving, seal engraving, organic glass engraving, Plexiglas engraving, marble engraving, graniteengraving, Gum engraving, EVA materials engraving, paper engraving and cutting.

Wood material:

Wood engraving and cutting, MDF engraving, plywood cutting, bambooengraving.

Garment material:

Leather engraving and cutting, textile engraving, fabric engraving, clothengraving, Shoes engraving, jeans engraving, carpet engraving and cutting, toy cutting, woolen cutting, denim engraving and cutting.

 DEKCEL 1390 laser cutter and engraver machine samples.jpg


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