Cnc laser cutter with fume extractor from china manufacturer
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Cnc laser cutter with fume extractor from china manufacturer

Dekcel Cnc laser cutter with fume extractor from china manufacturer is used for mostly non-metal materials, especially for wood,acrylic,mdf,leather,plywood foam etc engraving and cutting.
  • DEK-1390J


  • 077

Main configuration of cnc laser cutter with fume extractor from china manufacturer
Working area is :1300*900mm
150W Beijing Reci laser tube(Best brand laser tube)
Original  rails imported from Taiwan
Leadshine Big motor and driver
Water chiller CW5000(To Cool Laser tube and Longer the lifetime of Laser tube)
Water protection switch
Shanghai Fulong belt
Professional machine frame for working stable
Ruida Control system
Blade table or Honey comb table
1×USB Cable (connecting PC and laser machine)
Dust collector 550w 1×Air Exhaust Fan(installed inside the machine) with Tube ducts ( for extracting gases from the work area)
Three Reflection mirror and one focus lens Original imported from Singapore
Red light point(Red Light Pointer to position Where the Laser light is)
1×Air Pump for Air Assist (for blowing off debris and cooling the lens during the laser engrave or cut)
It supports multiple graphic formats, such as PLT / DXF / BMP / JPG / GIF / PGN / TIF and so on. This machine is equipped with Control System for CorelDraw/AutoCAD and other advance software.This machine is compatible with WIN7, Vista, XP and WIN2000
We have manual instruction and CD (Guiding Videos) for Software's Installing amd Operateion and Machine's Using and Maintaining.
Cnc laser cutter with fume extractor Optional parts for more functions
1). Z-axis motorized up-down worktable with this device,Z-Axis worktable can move up and down  automatically.With about 10 inches(20-25cm) of usable height.(Two motors for the up-down worktable)
2). Chuck rotary device for engraving cyliners such as bamboo,cups,etc.
3). Roller rotary device for engraving irregular cylinders such as bottle,etc.

Cnc laser cutter with fume extractor Specification


Cnc laser cutter DEK-1390J

Engraving Size



1820 x 1350x 1110mm

Laser Power

60w, 80w 100w 130w 150w

Cutting Speed

0 - 24,000mm/min

Repeat Accuracy


Power Supply

AC 220V ±10%, 50 - 60Hz

Power Consumption


Working Temp.

0 - 45°C

Working Humidity

8 - 95%

Min. Engraving Size for Texts

1 x 1mm for letters, 2 x 2mm for Chinese Characters

Output File Format


Driven Method

Stepper driving

Cooling Method for Laser

Water-cooling or selected cooler

Work Bench

Lifting Bench

Other Auxiliary Equipment.

Exhaust gas fan and gas pump for cooling material

Laser Control Software

DSP Control System

Compatible Software

CorelDraw AutoCAD Photoshop

Laser Tube Type

CO2 Glass Laser Tube

Net Weight


Cnc laser cutter with fume extractor
cnc laser cutter with blade cutting table

USB connection cnc laser cutter

stop button of cnc laser cutter

up and down table of cnc laser cutter

fume extractor of cnc laser cutter

cnc laser cutter packing
Applicable materials of cnc laser cutter with fume extractor
Acrylic,perspex,wood,MDF,plywood,veneer,paper,leather,rubber,fabric,cloth,canvas,foil,leather,fur,foam,plastic,PES,PC,PA, PE,PP,composite material, PVC, etc.
2). Engraving: 
Acrylic,perspex,wood,MDF,plywood,stone,marble,glass,jade,crystal, metal coating,paper,leather,rubber,fabric,cloth,plastic, PVC, etc.
cnc laser cutter acrylic

cnc laser cutter foam

cnc laser cutter mdf

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