CCD Laser Cutter Use | Camera Vision for CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
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CCD Laser Cutter Use | Camera Vision for CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

CCD camera laser cutter adopts the ruida vision controller for automatic recognition and positioning, high precision, and perfect contour cutting. If you wanted to find the best CCD laser cutter from China CNC laser machine manufacturer, please contact DEKCELCNC.
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What is CCD Camera Laser Cutting Machine?

The CCD camera laser cutter is equipped with a control system based on the RDC6445G controller. It supports feature recognition position positioning and Mark points auxiliary positioning. This CCD camera laser cutter is specially designed for automatic recognition and cutting for various fabrics and leathers or printed acrylic, MDF wood board, KT board, PVC plastic, etc.


RDC6445G CCD Laser Cutter Controller


Vision Camera Laser Cutting Machine Controller Technical Parameter:

1. 4-way motor interface, output maximum 400KHZ frequency; drive capacity 20mA, common anode interface;

2. On-board 128M non-releasable memory;

3. USB maximum transfer rate is 12M, the longest distance is 5 meters;

4. The maximum transmission rate of the network cable is 100M, and the maximum transmission distance is 200M;

5. Linear / circular / B-spline interpolation accuracy +/- 0.5 pulse;

6. 4 general-purpose opto-isolated OC gate outputs, with a maximum driving capacity of 300mA (with freewheel protection), can directly drive 24V / 5V DC relays;

7. 4 universal photoelectric isolation inputs, compatible with 5V / 12V / 24V logic level;

CCD camera laser

Laser Cutter CCD Camera Function Description:

1. Support up to 4 servo / stepper motor control;

2. Supports one extended serial port, which can communicate with EPLC-400, wireless handheld devices (BWK201R, BWK301R) and other devices with RS232 standard interface

3. Support 4 OC gate outputs, can directly drive 5V / 24 relay;

4. Support mobile APP;

5. Support dual-head electric mutual shift control and super-format split cutting processing;

6. Support dual-head asynchronous processing;

7.Supports large format vision, mark point visual cutting and projection cutting and other processing methods

How to Use CCD Camera Cutter Machine?

Step 1: Various graphics were printed on materials and loaded into the CCD camera cutter working table.

Step 2: The vector file ( *.plt / *.dxf ) of the printed pattern should be imported into RDCMarkVision.

Step 3: By using HD cameras, black marks will be extracted, and the cutting command will be set in software.

Step 4: By recognizing the outer contour of graphics, the software creates a cutting path automatically

Feature of CCD Camera Laser Cutter
1. Fast continuous cutting function based on the powerful data processing ability of high-end DSP technology, professional camera recognition software, and the coordination between precision mechanical components, guaranteeing the precision, high-speed cutting.


2. Adopt advanced CCD camera recognition systems, through visual identification system putting the images into the computer, identifying automatically and located cutting correctly and fast, greatly reducing the material and the waste of time.

ccd camera laser cutter

3. Machine transmission system with fast linear rail module, high improve the cutting efficiency.

co2 ccd laser cutting machine

4. Linear rail module offers fast curvilinear cutting function. It can cut via any curve fast continuous cutting. The laser heads move in a beautiful arc to evoke industry needs.

linear module laser cutting machine

5. Powerful lead-shine stepper motors and fast-speed linear guide rail ensure cutting precision and stability.

ccd co2 laser machine motor

Application of CCD Camera Laser Cutter

1. Trademark or logo of fabric, cloth, textile, garment, ect.


2. Advertising billboard sign ccd camera cutting machine


3. MDF wood board model CCD laser cutter machine


4. Advertising acrylic display CCD camera laser cutter


PVC plastic CCD camera vision cutter machine



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