How to protect cnc stone engraving machine in winter?
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How to protect cnc stone engraving machine in winter?

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How to protect cnc stone engraving machine in winter?

When the weather is getting colder, many machines need special protection in order to work normally. Cnc Stoneengraving machine is one of them. Then how to maintain Stone engraving machine in winter? 

In general, cnc router for stone with  water cooling system, has good performance, but at the same time itself also has limitations. Usually, the temperature suitable for engraving is between 0-45 degrees. When the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius, the water used for cooling will be frozen and will affect the use of the cnc machine. Moreover,  the relative humidity stone cnc engraving machine uses is between 30% -75%. Too dry and too wet environment is not conducive to run cnc machine control and power system. The dry environment in winter is also not conducive to the normal use of the cnc  stone engraving machine.

So, in winter, you should pay attention to the warmth of the CNC Router engraving machineand timely remove the remainder of water in the aqueduct to avoid the next day freeze affect the water cycle; water pump should be promptly removed from water tank or bucket, to avoid being frozen there. Secondly, we must pay attention to maintain the humidity within the plant. If it is too dry, you can increase the number of times of mopping the floor, keep the plant the appropriate humidity. You’d better do not put the machine outdoor in winter, since it is best to keep the machine inside.

Hope this article can help you. Enjoy!

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