How to choose cnc stone engraving carving machine
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How to choose cnc stone engraving carving machine

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 How to choose cnc stone engraving carving machine

How to choose cnc stone engraving carving machine

The emergence of cnc engraving machine has provided a rare business opportunities to the advertising decoration industry.And cnc stone carving machine just like cutting plotter is gradually accepted by people.Cnc engraving stone machine can carve badges, department cards,all kinds of signs,crystal-word light boxes,building models etc,which has been gradually popular in this industry.A variety of engraving machine also gradually appear in the market,one of the most popular one is cnc stone engraving machine.So how to choose a satisfied cnc engraving machine for stone?

Please note the following:

1.Pay attention to the function of engraving machine,the motor of cnc stone carving machine has high power and low power. Some of the engraving machine with low power is only suitable for small color plates, building models, small signs, three-dimensional crafts and other materials processing. However the carving power can greatly affect its application. The other type, high-power stone carving engraving machine can be divided into two categories, one is large-format cutting machine with more than one-meter format and low accuracy.Another one is medium-sized format engraving machines suitable for finishing machining. 

2.Understanding the performance and function of motor for the spindle is also very critical, because the carving head motor generally do not belong to the scope of the warranty,and this motor always continuously work for a long time,so if the motor working for the spindle is bad,the use of cnc stone engraving machine will be affected.

3.Moreover,you need to judge the speed of the spindle motor is adjustable or not .If the speed is not adjustable or adjustable range is small,then it indicates the application scope of the engraving machine is subject to great restrictions, because to engrave different materials, you must choose a different spindle engraving speed.

4.The body manufacturing process of the lathe: high-power engraving machine requires the body should be precise and stable,so that the carving accuracy and stability can be guaranteed..

5.The controller is generally divided into two categories: one kind of controllers is just function as driver,and all of its other work done by the computer,when the computer is waiting for the state,it can not do typesetting. Another type of controller is controlled by a single board. This controller is actually like a computer. Therefore, as long as the engraving machine starts to work, the computer can carry out other typesetting work. Especially when carving is for a long time, its advantages is particularly evident.

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