The classification of cnc engraving router machine
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The classification of cnc engraving router machine

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The classification of cnc engraving router machine

The classification of cnc engraving router machine

In principle, cnc engraving machines are a combination of drilling, milling and machining by inputting data instead of manually operating machines.

Cnc engraving machine belongs to computer numerical control machinery. The cnc carving router machine should be familiar with the process before use and the product description. To avoiding the mechanical failure due to operation error for the carving cnc machine. At the same time, the daily maintenance work of engraving machine cnc should be done regularly.

The motor spindle of cnc engraving router is usually used frequency control method. There are three main control modes: general frequency conversion drive and control, drive and control of vector control drives and direct torque control.

At present, the engraving cnc machine can be divided into two kinds: mechanical engraving machine and special engraving machine.

Mechanical engraving machine (also known as numerical control carving machine, cnc engraving machine, etc.). This type of engraving machine mainly rely on spindle motor high-speed rotation and then driven by cutting tools for materials processing.

According to different of the processing object and purpose, the cnc router machine can be divided into cnc router wood carving machine, stone engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, metal engraving machine, mold engraving machine, styrofoam engraving machine. On this basis, the carving cnc router is derived from a single head, multi head, independent head cnc carving machine.

China woodworking cnc machine price.

Woodworking engraving machine: this kind of cnc router China wood carving has the most kinds. According to the function, woodworking cnc router can be divided into a automatic tool change function wood router, multi-processing wood engraver cnc machine, four axes stereo cnc engraving machine with stereo carving function cnc router for wood carving and ordinary derivative of the first single, independent, multi head carving router.

The XY axis of cnc carving router for wood is using rack transmission generally and Z axis using screw transmission. Minority of cnc router machine for wood carving with full screw transmission. The carving cnc machine is mainly processing:

Wood, cutting plates, hollow, go lace, sculpture, such as relief processing.

Advertising engraving machine: standard models of Cheap advertising engraving cnc router are usually screw transmission, very few of these best price cnc advertising machines are use rack transmission. The main reason is the processing of the material hardness is relatively soft. And the screw transmission of China Advertising carving machine is relatively high accuracy, so that the good cnc engraving machine price can also carve badges and other small products.

The main processing of small cnc advertising engraving machines: text signs cutting, all kinds of signs of 2D, 3D engraving.

1325 cheap cnc stone engraving machine.

Stone engraving machine: the marble stone carving router mostly used by rack transmission. And the difference between the other engraving cnc machine is generally adopt trapezoidal bed body design with a low center of gravity. Gantry solid components of cnc router for stone carving are used for all steel design, power of drive motor and spindle motor are all larger. The main processing of 1325 marble tombstone granite stone engraving cnc: tombstone carved lettering for relief, decorative stone and carved reliefs etc..

Styrofoam cnc carving machine: this kind of cnc engraving machine is bulky in general. Z axis compared to other carving machine is bigger.

The main processing of Styrofoam cnc router: three-dimensional carving large non-metallic mold and large surface processing.

Special engraving machine: this kind of cnc router the processing does not depend on the spindle to drive tool but in other forms. There are a few main categories, cnc laser engraver machine, cnc plasma cutter machine, water jet etc.

Laser engraving machine: the laser machine relies on laser beams emitted by laser tubes to processing materials. The Reci laser tube laser cutter machine is mainly used in leather and cloth industry, advertising industry, synthetic leather, artificial leather, cloth on complex text and graphic engraving, cutting, engraving and other processing in computer embroider.

Cnc plasma cutting machine: the plasma cnc cutter is using plasma as heat source for cutting. Huayuan 100A plasma cutter machine is mainly used for cutting steel plate.

Water jet: the ordinary water can be used of ultra high pressure technology to achieve a certain pressure, and in which to add abrasives, through small diameter nozzle to form water arrow and then processing materials. The water jet is mainly used in processing steel, ceramics, glass, stone and other hard materials cutting.

In the strict sense, the latter two cnc machines do not belong to the cnc engraving machine. The movement principle is exactly the same as that of the cnc router machine, but the cutting method of carving cnc router is different.

How should these cnc engraving router be maintained in our daily life? What are the notes?

1. Cnc router machine running time below 10 hours a day, to ensure normal operation of cooling water cleaning. Do not the water cooling spindle motor that shortage of water And high speed cnc wood carving router needs to regular replacement of the cooled water to prevent excessive temperature.

2. Every time the engraver cnc router used, the cnc engraving machine should pay attention to cleaning, That be sure to platform and drive the cleaning of the dust, regular (a week) for the transmission system (X.Y.Z three axis) lubrication, refueling.

3. If the engraving machine long-term not use, the cheap cnc router should be regular (weekly) refueling empty go, in order to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system.

4. Engraving machine regularly (in accordance with the use of cases) cleans dust in the electrical box.  Checking the terminal screw is loose in order to ensure safe and reliable use of the circuit.

5. Carving cnc regularly (in case of use) to check whether the screw components of the machine is loose.

In the engraving machine industry, because of rising labor costs, the demand in the cnc carving  industry more and more. So, when you buy the engraving machine, you must beware of some inferior carving machine. How to distinguish between good and bad carving cnc router? Want to know much please consult the Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Co. Ltd..

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