How much electricity does a laser cutter use?
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How much electricity does a laser cutter use?

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How much electricity does a laser cutter use?

With the development of social economy and science and technology, laser cutting technology has become more and more mature, gradually replacing the traditional cutting technology. However, laser cutting technology must also seek continuous development and progress. In the process of development, people invented laser cutter. Compared with other machines, the machine has the advantages of high precision and fast speed, and has been applied in more fields. For example, steel laser cutting machine, industrial laser cutting machine, etc. So what kind of laser cutter do you know? How much power will be consumed during operation? Here is a brief introduction, hoping to help you better understand the laser cutter.

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The main points are as follows:

♦ What is laser cutting

♦ Advantages of laser cutter

♦ What is the power consumption of the laser cutter

♦ Conclusion


What is laser cutting

When the laser beam irradiates the surface of the work piece, laser cutting is to melt and evaporate the work piece in order to achieve the purpose of cutting and carving. The technology has the advantages of high precision, fast cutting speed, no restriction of cutting pattern, automatic layout, material saving, smooth cutting cost and so on. With the development of related industries, laser cutting technology will gradually improve or replace the traditional metal cutting equipment. The equipment based on this technology is laser cutting machine. The machine has the advantages of high precision (suitable for cutting precision parts), fast cutting speed (over 100 times WEDM), small heat affected zone, non-deformable, smooth and beautiful cutting, etc. Now it is widely used in non-contact cutting of metal sheets, pipes, etc. It has good processing effect on various hard and brittle alloys.


Advantages of laser cutter

Compared with other cutting machines, laser cutter also has many outstanding advantages:


(1) Advanced cutting technology

In the cutting process of laser cutter, the laser will emit numerous high-performance, high-energy laser rays, generating huge energy, which can instantaneously evaporate the surface of the cutting object, so that very hard interface can be easily removed. At present, this process is also the most advanced cutting process, no other cutting process can surpass it, and this cutting process in the cutting process is very fast and accurate.

(2) The cutting performance is very stable.

The laser cutter uses the most stable top laser in the world, so in the process of use, except for human factors, there will be almost no system failure.


(3) Machine operation is very convenient.

In the process of using laser cutter, all information and energy are transmitted by laser. The greatest advantage of this transmission mode is that it saves a lot of manpower and material resources, and there will be no light leakage in the transmission process.


(4) The size of the machine itself is very small.

The laser cutter has only one core component, the laser that emits the laser. Moreover, the laser production is very small, and will not occupy as much space as other cutting products of the same type, so the volume of the whole machine will be reduced a lot, so whether it is manufactured or transported in the process of mechanical processing. It can reduce a lot of manpower and material resources for us.


What is the power consumption of the laser cutter

The power consumption of laser cutter mainly includes the following aspects:


1. Laser generator (depending on the power of the generator), the greater the power, the greater the power consumption. Typically, a 2000W generator needs about 30KVA. 4000W generator, about 50KVA)


2. The power consumption of mechanical components (including servo system, NC, electrical components, depending on the size of the motor used in the cutting plant) generally requires more than 10KVA.


3. Water cooler (for cooling light circuit and generator, according to generator power, water cooling capacity should also match. Generally, it should be above 20KVA.


4. Air compressor (air compressor power varies according to the requirements of different cutting machine manufacturers, at least more than 5KVA)


In short, for example, the maximum power consumption per hour for 2000 W laser cutting is 65 KVA, which is about 50 degrees. Of course, laser cutting machine in operation can not always be full power, generally will be reduced.



In short, the emergence and wide application of laser cutter has brought immeasurable wealth to the development of society, perfectly solved the harsh requirements of refinement, beauty and beauty in daily life, and brought us many unexpected surprises. If you want to buy advanced laser cutter, please choose us. We are a company dedicated to the research and production of laser cutter and other machines. If you have any questions about laser cutter and other related machines, please consult in time.


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