How long do the CNC router bits last?
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How long do the CNC router bits last?

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How long do the CNC router bits last?

The CNC Router is a computer controlled device for material cutting, like cnc fabric cutting machine, steel laser cutting machine, etc. All its functions are cutting materials. In the cutting process, the most important thing is the small size but very powerful part - CNC router bit.


1 What is the use of CNC router bits?

As mentioned earlier, the CNC router is a cutting device and the bit is very important. There are many types of bits, and there are countless. In many cases, the bit determines the type of engraving you can do. Different sizes of bits also bring different resolutions and speed. They have different cutting edges and they have square or shaped ends. Bits also have many designs because of different requirements of accuracy or speed.


2 How to choose CNC router bit?

The importance of the CNC router bit is self-evident. So how do you choose? An important principle of CNC router bit selection is material first. It's easy to understand. The CNC router bit is produced to cut the material. So when you choose the material to use, it is also necessary to choose the right bit. If you have chosen a bit without considering it, then the problem arises. You can complete your design, but it is very likely that the bit will be damaged in a short time. If the bit used by the CNC router is normal, then you have a lot of alternatives, but once your bit is special, the damage to the bit will cost you a lot of money.


Service life is the first factor to consider. But in addition to this, there are other factors that may change the choice of bit. One of the more important factors is noise. If the material being cut is very common, such as wood, then there are many bits to choose from. These different types of bits have the same cutting efficiency, but some are very noisy, others are acceptable. Which one would you choose? There is no doubt that noise can be reduced. Why not? After all, the comfort of the production environment is also a concern in the factory.


3 How long do the CNC router bits last?


After having a basic understanding of the bit, let's get back to the topic. How long does the CNC router bits last? There is no definitive answer to this question. The material used to make the bit is different, the cutting material is different, and the cutting speed and mode are different, which will affect the life of the bit. Normally, if the bit is chosen properly, then it will be no problem to use it for two years.


Two years is just a rough estimate. In actual use, you should pay attention to the wear of the bit. If the CNC router bit is severely worn in a short period of time, then you may need to consider whether the bit and material match.


In short, the life of the bit is completely dependent on the method of use. By cutting a suitable material with a bit, it can be used for a long time. If you don't have experience in this area, you can search on the web or test it yourself. Of course, you can also contact us, we are a professional CNC router manufacturer, call us, we will provide you with comprehensive solutions and intimate answers.

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