The tips you must know before buying the stone engraving cnc router machine
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The tips you must know before buying the stone engraving cnc router machine

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The tips you must know before buying the stone engraving cnc router machine

1. I am working on tombstone, monument industry, and want to buy your cnc stone engraving machine for making tombstone, gravestones. What the price of 1325 type ?How about the configurations? Any other optical parts? How long dose it take to finish a tombstone? Can this cnc stone engraver do the embossed work? What about the engraving depth? If it is for marble or granite, what is the normal carving depth for one time? How about the normal stone engraving tools? If I want to make the image engraving, what kind of machine is the best choice for me? 

1325 tombstone cnc carving machine with heavy duty, Taiwan Hiwin rack square guide rail, 3.0kw or 5.5kw water cooling spindle motor. In addition, there are also 99015, 9018, 1318 models for Dekcel cnc stone engraving machines.

Generally, it takes one hour to finish a tombstone. And cnc stone carving machine is able to carve reliefs, and the carved depth is generally two or three centimeters. What’s more, for the embossed work, normally it needs to carve more than one times. For the materials like red sandstone and white marble which is kind of soft , the usually carving depth is 4-6 cm; for granite, 3-5mm; for marble, 8mm.

Cnc stone engraving machine commonly use diamond cutting tools and emery powder cutting tools. Diamond cutting tool’s handle is of 6mm and the tool nose is 70 and 90 degrees. Emery powder cutting tools are divided into many specifications. The most commonly used are ball head cutters and taper flat bottom cutters. And 6mm, 8mm and 10mm handles of cnc stone carving machine for tombstone are commonly used. 

If you want to engrave the image on the tombstone, Dekcel 9060 1390 1325 cnc co2 laser engraving machine is totally right for it. 

2.Hi, I’d like to use the cnc stone engraving machine as a wood carving cnc router. Could you please recommend a normal cnc stone carving machine for me? And does it can be used as cnc advertising router to engrave metal materials like copper, aluminum?     

If the stone engraving work takes up a little amount, Dekcel could add an extra water tank on the wood cnc engraver router. If the stone carving work takes up a large amount, and want to adopt the high configurations, the T type heavy duty, rack with square rails, 3.2kw or 4.5kw water cooling spindle. On the other hand, cnc stone engraving machine could used for advertising industry, engraving some simple copper, aluminum with a little bit of precision.       

Hope this article will help you. If you have any questions about stone carving cnc router price and qualities, please contact us as soon as possible. Jinan Dekcel Cnc Euipment Co., Ltd will always be there for you.

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