Steps for proper operation of cnc stone router engraving machines
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Steps for proper operation of cnc stone router engraving machines

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Steps for proper operation of cnc stone router engraving machines

Steps for proper operation of cnc stone engraving machines:

As a cnc stone router supplier,Dekcel cnc equipment company will send the operation manual,necessary accessories,and installation instructions together with cnc stone engraving machine to clients factory.In this article,it illustrates a few points for the proper operation of cnc marble or granite router.

1.Please make sure the cnc router for stone machine and computer all connected well before starting the stone engraving machine,and then open the power supply of cnc stone carving machine and computer.If there is nothing wrong about industrial cnc stone router,then it's ready to go.

2.The second step is set the program by the stone router DSP control system or NC studio.After turning on the stone cnc machine control system,select the "back to machine origin" menu.Granite router for sale will automatically return to the origin and correct the coordinate system.In some cases,the marble stone router user does not need to perform mechanical reset operations,when restart the marble cnc machine for sale after a normal shutdown and still want to continue the previous operation.NC studio control system will save the current coordinate information when stop the working of granite cnc carving machine.

3.Before the whole cnc router for marble engraving processing, cnc stone table router users generally need to load processing procedures, otherwise,some functions related to the automatic processing will be invalid.Select"open (F)|open (O)..."The menu will pop up the windows standard file operation dialog box,where you can select the drive, path,and file name you want to open.Once the "open" button is clicked,the processing program of cnc granite router machine has been loaded with program.

cnc router for tombstone.jpg

4.Determine the origin of cnc stone carving machine.Make X axis,Y axis go at original position of the workpiece,set the current point as cnc machine for stone origin,or clear the current position in the coordinate window,in this way,the cnc stone machine for sale will regard current position as starting point to process.

Okay,this is the four points for the proper operation of cnc router for stone.If you have any problems about cnc stone carving machine's control system or other operation issues,welcome to consult us. We will give the most professional suggestions for the cnc router for marble machine.

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