Dekcel CNC-Jinan,China cnc router systems manufacturer
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Dekcel CNC-Jinan,China cnc router systems manufacturer

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Dekcel CNC-Jinan,China cnc router systems manufacturer

Dekcel CNC-Jinan,China cnc router systems manufacturer

Dekcel CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Springs City- Jinan,Shandong province mainly engaged in the research adn development of woodworking cnc routers,advertising hobby cnc router,cnc stone engraving machine,and so on.Our companies continue to introduce international advanced processing technology,and produce several types of top-quality,high-precision,high-tech cnc equipment to meet the demands of different customers all over the world,which is always our company's constant persuit goal.At present,our company has owned a comprehensive system of cnc equipments. When faced with an increasingly competitive market,we will continue to spare no effort to create more and more cnc machineries.

Until now,the comprehensive cnc router systems covers all walks of life,such as furniture industry,art and crafts industry,stone processing manufacturing,soft metal processing industry,advertising market etc.Our cnc router machineries include industrial cnc wood router,small cnc router,metal cnc milling system,marble cnc engraving machine,4 axis wood cnc router,5 axis cnc router for sculpture,panel furniture production line etc.

Different cnc router system has different names,and is good at a specific processing areas.Take an example,metal cnc mill is perfactly designed for engraving all kinds of soft metal,such as aluminum,brass,iron and steel etc.This cnc milling can engrave into the sofe metal with certain depth. I just made an aluminum sample of 8mm depth for my Hungary client,it is a wonderful aluminum relief artwork.As for panel furniture production line,this kind of cnc router machine will be equipped with feeding worktable,processing table and unloading table as usual,which totally realize 100% automatical processing,not only save labour cost,but also greatly improve the working efficiency.

One thing should be mentioned,all kinds of work cannot be done by only cnc machinery,if you are interested at wood cnc router,3d metal milling machine,panel furniture production line or stone cnc engraving machine,welcome to contact us,and please kindly share us detailed processing demands you want to reach.

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