Tombstone router cnc engraving machine timing processing setting guide
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Tombstone router cnc engraving machine timing processing setting guide

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Tombstone router cnc engraving machine timing processing setting guide

Tombstone cnc engraving machine has been widely used tombstone industry in recent years,for cnc stone router's high-performance engraving technology and efficiency,and cnc stone carving machine saving greater human resources,which is very popular with customers. What's more,cnc tombstone carving machine can budget the processing time,so that it can better calculate the production costs.

First,cnc router for tombstone specific setting method for timing processing

According to the travel ranges of different cnc marble router,making cnc router tool motion close to the three axis limit position until it hit the switch,record three axes the minimum and maximum coordinate value,input corresponding location parameters into the cnc milling stone machine control system."Time processing" function allows the operator to know in advance the time before cnc router marble.Its calculation is based on the stone cnc router parameters,only including the time to process the current engraving stone,not covering tool change time in the middle processing of cnc marble router,cnc router granite positioning and so on.In a word,time processing is an estimate figure.The engraving parameters which affect timing machining include cnc stone router for marble carving feeding speed,cnc router tools processing speed,cnc router bits delaying,Z axis traveling distance and "priority mode" etc.Due to time processing function,stone cnc router users can also do other work arrangements,which greatly improved the utilization rate of human resources.

Cnc engraving machine for tombstone is a high-tech automatic computer-controlled engraving equipment,which can be used in natural stone,glass and ceramics for calligraphy and painting.Although tombstone engraving industry is a traditional industry in China,stone supply chain will exist for a long time!During this time,the tombstone engraving industry witness a big change,the old stone workers are retired,the younger generation with the awareness of high efficiency, high mechanization,high automation grow up,contribute to the mechanical cnc stone engraving machine! Cnc stone engraver can carve on marble,granite,ceramic tile with calligraphy and painting,which exactly meet the personalized requirements.Cnc router for stone engraving is not just applied in tombstone engraving industry,but also become very popular in decoration industry,furniture market,and architecture manufacturing etc.

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