The daily maintenance for cnc tombstone engraving machine for sale
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The daily maintenance for cnc tombstone engraving machine for sale

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The daily maintenance for cnc tombstone engraving machine for sale

The daily maintenance for cnc tombstone engraving machine for sale

As a tombstone manufacturer,you must be very concerned about how to  protect or maintain tombstone engraving machine in daily life.In this article,it illustrates a few points for the protection and maintenance of cnc router for stone.Only we do a great job in daily maintenance and protection,can cnc stone carving machine bring much more profit for you.

First,the temperature

When the cnc router for stone carving is not used and the workshop temperature is a lit lower,it is best to pour out the water in the tank to prevent water tank and water pipe from freezing.Make sure the workshop temperature is not too low,so as the industrial cnc stone engraving machine is exposed into a warm condition,and the stone carving machine's workers don't be so cold.Check the cnc granite router lubrication oil applicable temperature scope,and make sure oil temperature is higher than the minimum temperature.

Second,the computer attentions

Regularly kill the cnc stone machine's computer virus,especially don't open the degree of anti-virus to avoid interference.Regularly clean the stone router cnc machine control box dust,pay attention to heat exiting,too much dust may cause industrial stone machine's control card generating errors frequently.Regularly clear the disk defragment and optimize the computer system.In a word,computer abnormalities can also cause many problems to tombstone engraving machine,we find a fact that the computer abnormalities can not only cause a lot of unnecessary trouble to stone carving machine maintenance,but also delayed cnc stone router user's business,so please take care of your computer for the good and long-term operation of cnc router granite.

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Third,the oil

Start cnc router marble machine to move back and forth after adding some oil on the guide rail and ball screw.Even if stone milling machine is not used for a long time,please stick on the regular lubrication for the main components of stone etching equipment.Make use of cloth (not hair removal) to clean out the dust on the rails and screw.Then start to lubricate cnc stone router machine,twice a month is better.

Four,cooling water

Pay attention to the ambient temperature,be careful of water tank and water pipe cracking due to lower water temperature.

Generally speaking cnc router for marble and granite adopts water-cooling spindle,which is one of the core parts of cnc stone carving router machine,Pay attention to the water level and water temperature and the water purity,in order to protect the spindle,and keep cnc router stone machine working for a long time.

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