Daily maintenance of advertising cnc engraving machine
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Daily maintenance of advertising cnc engraving machine

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Daily maintenance of advertising cnc engraving machine

Daily maintenance of advertising cnc engraving machine

With the development of the advertising industry and handcraft industry, the small advertising engraving machine is popular with the economical cnc advertising engraving used. In addition, many cnc advertising engraving machine user who use advertising wood carving machine believe that cnc wood carving router need not be cleaned so clean. It can be said that 1212 advertising cnc router do not care. In the use of cheap advertising wood carving cnc , that only cleaning of the table properly.

Why? Because the mini advertising cnc engraver used believe that the work of advertising engraver cnc machine process, there is many dust for itself. If we clean up every day, the more trouble is. So many people not only is not clear, and let the machine full of things, this is not right. We should be timely clean the table, which provides convenience for the next work. Cleaning up the rail and scrap material, to prevent interference caused by debris in the working process.


Regular cleaning of the screw of the high speed advertising wood carving machine, to prevent the screw on the stick foreign body. Screw in the cnc advertising engraving equipment is very important, it decided the accuracy of the advertising wood carving cn router machine, and the screw in the transmission process also plays an important role. And regular cleaning of control box, dust is the biggest killer of circuit boards.

The high precision advertising engraving cnc router first clean the guide rail and screw

1. Cloth can be used (without hair removal), with WD40 rust remover, making the oil and debris removed on the screw and rail.

2. The gas cycle for two times a month. After the oil is added, move back and forth slowly to ensure that the lubricating oil is evenly applied to the guide rail and the screw.

PS: no butter, advertising too much butter stick on the dust is easy to slide and other transmission parts blocked.

3. If the advertising engraving machine does not use for a long time, should regularly refuel, empty go, in order to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system.

Hope to our work can help you. If you are interested in our cnc advertising engraving machine, or have any question, please contact Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company. We are support service 24 hours online.

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