Cnc laser cutting wood,paper,acrylic etc nonmetal material
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Cnc laser cutting wood,paper,acrylic etc nonmetal material

Dekcel cnc laser cutting machine can be cut many kinds of materials, and has many advantages, such as smooth cutting edges, free from polishing, less noise, less dust, faster processing speed, higher precision, less waste and higher efficiency. It is the best option for upgrading traditional equipment in various industries.
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The cnc laser cutting machine is an affordable Laser work platform. Ideal for any size shop requiring a compact machine to run small engraving&cutting jobs or to be used as an educational tool. The Laser machines features digital DSP control panel, HIWIN rails, the machine can be matched to AutoCAD, Corel DRAW CAD and all other graphics processing software for outputting original graphics. This series machines firstly use USB port data interface which supports hot-plugging and momentary data transmission to realize high efficiency without accounting computer resource. The LCD controlling panel brings friendly computer-human interface and easy operation.


Advantages of cnc laser cutting machine

1).The "front" and "back" of our laser machine can be open, suitable for super-length material process.

2).Exclusive no water warning and automatic protection system, to protect the working life of laser tube effectively. The power control system has exclusive automatic protection equipment to ensure the stability and safety of the machine to the best.

3).LCD control panel in English, convenience of operation control.

4).Import liner bearing with high engraving precision

5).offline control system which can not only work without computer, but also connect to U disk, USB communication

6).Imported metal mirrors, with good ability of reflection and focusing, long working life.

7).Red dot position system realizes the exact position without laser.

8).Auto Focus technology, realize "easy focus & high efficiency" in real, not only a word.


Technician parameter of cnc laser cutting machine

Total power <300W
Laser power 80W-150W
Laser type cnc laser cutting machine
Power supply AC 220V/110V
Working area 1300*900 mm
Engraving depth 0-10 mm (different material differ)
Cutting depth 0-10 mm
Engraving speed 0-600mm/s
Cutting speed 0-600mm/s
Lifting platform 0-250 mm  Honeycomb/Blade Worktable
Locating precision <0.01 mm
Min shaping character Character: 2*2mm, Letter: 1*1mm
Working temperature 5ºC-45ºC
Working humidity 5%-95%
Resolution ratio ≤1000dpi
Data transfer interface USB 2.0 (offline)
System environment Windows XP / Win 7 / Win 8
Cooling  Water Cooling and protection system with chiller
Graphic Format Supported The Files which CorelDraw & WinsealXP can identify
Compatible software CorelDraw,WinsealXP
Color separation NO
Sloping engraving NO
Protection Emergency stop buttom and Stop working when water broken

What kind of materials can cutting / engraving?

Acrylic Cork Leather Paper  Styrene
Anodized Aluminum Crystal coated metal Marble Plastic Tile
Anodized metal Fabric Matte board Polyester Veneer
Bamboo Fiberglass Melamine Polyester film Vinyl
Carbide Foam Mylar Pressboard Wood
Cardboard Glass Nylon Rubber  
Ceramics Kevlar Painted metals Silicon  
Composites  Laminated plastic  Painted materials Stone  

Cnc laser cutting machine with double table

blade and honey comb table

Option rotary system

laser rotary system

Beijing Reci laser tube

Reci laser tube

PC and USB connection

PC and USB connection

Cnc laser cutting machine control box

laser control panel cabinet


laser cutting machine parts

laser cutting machine packing





Application of cnc laser cutting machine

Meet the demand of professional requirements of cutting and scanning on large size garment, fabric, leather, furniture, packing, printing, advertising, decoration, construction, paper, template and other industries.


Suitable materials:

Fabric, leather, paper, wood, organic glass, acrylic,rubber, plastic and synthetic materials.

laser cutting machine sample





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