China manufacturer cnc router systems costs
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China manufacturer cnc router systems costs

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China manufacturer cnc router systems costs

CNC router systems costs

Cnc router systems cost vary from models and components installed.There are a variety of cnc router machinery for you to choose.Every cnc router machine is designed for specific works.Today i am gonna introduces a general costs of each kind of cnc router system one by one.

Hobby cnc router systems price from 2000$-3000$

To be clear,for there is very little profit for the cnc router systems and very long negotiating time with customers,so we only provide very limited small cnc router systems,such as 900*600mm mini cnc router machines.Although hobby cnc router machine is very small,but it has all the necessary componenets for working just as big cnc woodworking router machines.This kind of cnc router machine is usually designed for advertising industry,cutting or engraving some little wood or acrylic artworks etc.


Middle size cnc router machines cost from 3500$-4000$

We dekcel cnc equipment company provide middle size cnc router with 1200*1200mm,1300*1300mm working table etc.This kind of cnc wood cutting engraving machine is neither too big nor too small,so it has a wider applications than hobby cnc router systems.

Industrial woodworking cnc router from 4500$-5000$

This kind of industrial cnc wood router has big working areas,normally 1300*2500mm working table.Cnc wood cutter engraver is composed of cnc router spindle,guide rail,ball screw and gear adn rack,control system,driver and motors and so on.Compare with industrial cnc wood cutting router machine,hobby cnc router system only has ball screw as transmission system,don't need gear and rack.

3 heads cnc wood router or 4 heads cnc router price from 8000$-10000$ and more 

3 heads cnc wood router or 4 heads cnc router are different from 3 axis cnc router and 4 axis cnc router,for the former are three or four seperate heads,designed for doing the same work at the same time.However,the latter ones are designed for doing different works at different time,suitable for complex patterns marking.


Other Considerations

When considering cnc router systems prices,do not forget to include additional costs that you may need to pay,such as shipping charges,tax fees,etc.

If you want to know more about cnc router configurations and one kind of specific cnc router prices,welcome to consult us.We dekcel provide all kinds of hobby cnc router,industrial cnc woodworking routers,3 axis wood cnc router and 4 axis cnc wood router,which can totally meet your processing demands.

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