CNC Router Systems Basics-let you get updated
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CNC Router Systems Basics-let you get updated

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CNC Router Systems Basics-let you get updated

CNC Router Systems Basics-let you get updated

CNC Router systems,including cnc router cutting systems and cnc router engraving systems,have been occured for a period,but their popularity is rapidly growing all over the world.From my perspective,this is probably due to the impressive performance and considerable profits brought by these cnc machinery.Make a comparison.For the same work,it may take a skilled craftman much longer to finish one products compared with cnc router systems.

There is an increasingly number of money has been invested in this cnc machinery industry since the last few years.And many many people has engaged in making or selling all knids of wood cutting cnc routers or wood engraving cnc routers.However,still some people don't know this cnc router machinery,let alone what these cnc equippments do and how they work.This is why i write this article. 

First of all,let me introduce and explain the cnc router systems basics,then will talk about the parts and types of a cnc machinery,how they get to work. 

Something to remind you:

the following parts will give you a detailed introductions from the very begining to the end.It is suggested to read this article one part by one part.But,it you have already know some aspects of cnc routers,just looking for some specific information,it's okay for you to jump from one part to another.

How industrial cnc routers work?

A cnc 3d wood router machines can work just the same as other cnc machines.Cnc system is the abbreviations of numerically controlled system.So cnc router woodworking system make use of a computer,softwares and a cnc controller to complete it whole processing.With all these necessary componenets,the cnc router precision can be guaranteed.

Generally speaking,a cnc wood cutting engraving machine can cut or engrave in three directions,X axis move from left to right,Y axis from front to back and Z axis from up to down.With the assistance of three axis,the 3d cnc wood router can break the limitations of the cutting or engraving materials's length,width and thickness.Furthermore,all these three axis realize 3d cutting or engraving for the materials such as 3d wood furniture relief engraving,3d brass engraving etc.

The Components of industrial cnc router systems

In this part,i'd like to make a detailed introductions of main compoennets of cnc woodworking router machines and explain how they come together and work together.Of course,in order to cater to the demands of all walks of life,various of cnc router systems have beed created,so that there occurs many optional parts for cnc wood router for sale.

1.The control system and and computer(Online processing):

The CNC controller and computer system work together as the ?brain? for these machines, telling the motors and drive system which direction to move and how far. Of course the computer must be given a design.

The cnc control system and computer are regarded as the brain of the cnc router woodworking systems,giving orders to the other components the next steps.Most of designs are made by a specific software,we Dekcel cnc router systems support Artcam,Type3,Ucancam,Wentai(Artcut)etc,set the engraving or cutting speed,power,all kinds of technical parameters.Of course you can save this file as ".nc" format on the computer desktop for next usage.These types of software convert a 3D or 2D digital image into a tool path code such as G-code.Afterwards,the computer can convert these commands into a digital signal which can be identified and read by the cnc router control system.Press the button on the control system,start to work.

What i should do if i want to perform offline processing?

Same with the design making steps,so we just jump that descriptions.After saving the file on the computer,copy it with a USB disk,and insert the USB into DSP hand controller,get read and push the button,start your work.

2.The cnc router spindle:

The spindle is one of the most important parts for cnc wood cutter engraver.And the router sppindle works by rotating a router tool.A typical spindle designed to cut wood plastics and other soft materials usually have a range of 8000 to 30,000 revolutions per minute.Spindles designed to cut metals operate between 2000 and 10,000 RPMs.The spindle can be divided into two kinds according to the different cooling ways:water-cooling spindle and air cooling spindle.And there is a special spindle kind named contstan metal milling spindle.Of course the ordinary spindle can both engrave metal and nonmetal,but in order to get a better engraving effects,we dekcle cnc equippment company provide specially made metal spindle.

3.The Cutting Bed

The cutting bed or cnc router table is designed to support and secure the piece of material being cut.

There are several different designs for cnc router working table. The most common ones are aluminum T-slot table,vacuum table and PVC and vacuum double table etc.As for aluminumt-slottable,it uses bolts and clamps to fix the processed materials on the bed.And as to vacuum table,it makes use of vacuum pump to absorb the materials on the table.However,it is limited to relatively flat pieces such as wood and sheet material.The T-slot is more versatile in holding or fixing materials but lose more time and low down the working efficiency.

4.The Linear Drive Systems

The CNC linear drive system includes a motor,a linear bearing system,and some sort of lead screw assembly.There are to kinds of motors for you to choose,stepper motor or servo motor.Steppers motors are the cheaper alternative and offer good performance and reliability but are usually not a closed loop system.Servo motors is a closed loop system,which means after receiving their directions from the cnc control system,they send a signal back to the controller that verifies they have completed the task.Servo motor is usually equipped with high configurations cnc wood cutting engraving machines.If your products have a high processing requirements,servo motor will be suggested.And for the 3d wood cnc router,X axis and Y axis is gear and rack and Z axis is ball screw,all these little parts make the whole China cnc router wood machine working in high speed and high efficiency.

Cnc router systems for sale types and features

Industrial CNC Routers

Industrail cnc routers are usually with large size working table. They are bulit for long hours working and mass productions.Normally this kind of industrial cnc woodworking routers have a big applications,which makes it well worth cnc wood router price to a profitable business.Some industrial cnc wood router will be equipped with multi heads to realize automatic tool change for complex designs.


Hobby CNC Routers

Hobby CNC routers are usually referring to very small cnc router of 900*600mm working table.This kind of mini cnc routers can also called advertising cnc routers.If you are interested in building your own you can find plans and a builder?s guide here.Although it is small cnc wood router,it has all the necessary parts for cutting or engraving materials,so it is always very competitive and hot cnc machinery compared with others.What's more,the mini cnc wood router is very cheap.Deserve your attention.

Cnc stone engraving machine

As for cnc stone engraving machine,it is specially designed for engraving all kinds of stones,such as marble,graniet,sandstone etc.Cnc stone routers can not only engrave letters with certain deep on stones but also can engrave people faces,which is especially for the tombstone industry.In order to express our love for the ones we lost,we always want keep their faces in our minds.So cnc stone carving machine is very popular in tombstone industry.


Cnc metal milling machine

Cnc metal milling machine is specially designed for engraving all kinds of soft metals,such as aluminum,brass,steel etc.Wr just made a successful cooperation with a Hungary client.At his demands,we made aluminum samples two times.The second one is finised with appropriate router tool,and our client is very satisfied with the sample.It is a 8mm aluminum relief carfts.Can you imagine the pictures?

This is what i want to share with you. If you want to know more details about cnc router systems,please find it in"cnc router solution parts". If you are interested at one kind of cnc  router machinery cost or price,please ask our salesman with detailed model and configurations,if you don't know so much about 3d router cnc,please share us what work you do and which market you are engaged.

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