Attention should be paid to the use of stone engraving cnc machine
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Attention should be paid to the use of stone engraving cnc machine

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Attention should be paid to the use of stone engraving cnc machine

Attention should be paid to the use of stone engraving cnc machine

The cnc router for stone carving machine can engrave many kinds of stone products. For example, we can many stone products in our daily life. Yes, most of them are made by the stone engraving cnc router machine. As the economical marble stone engraving machine manufacturer, we should know how to use the stone granite carving machine. So, in order to make the tombstone engraving cnc router machine better, Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company will tell you some attentions should be paid to the ues of cnc stone carving machine.

When using the 1325 stone engraving machine for tombstone, some notices should be paid. Because the hardness of the stone material processing are more than five level. When the connection should be strictly in accordance with the input voltage access label machine, if the wrong, the circuit protection switch will automatically jump off to promptly removed. The operation must be strictly in accordance with the instructions of the stone carving cnc machine. The staff without training personnel to prohibit the operation of the machine. And it is strictly forbidden to process workpieces beyond the size of the stone carving cnc machine for marble. In the running of the stone engraving cnc router machine, wearing gloves and touching the main shaft cutters are strictly prohibited. As the stone dust acidity and alkalinity are larger, so after work is completed, the stone engraver cnc machine user should clean the table and guide rail, lubrication rail and transmission regularly in time.

Other considerations:

1. when the stone carver cnc machine working, and carry out the smoke, smell, etc., the people need to stop using immediately and contact cnc marble stone engraver machine manufacturers.

2. the stone engraver cnc for tombstone engraving used must do a good job in the summer that cooling stone carving machine, ensure the water pump smooth and cooling water clean.  And that must not appear the water of water-cooled motor shortages, and need regular replacement of the cooling water in the work.

3. In hot weather, stone engraving machine can not continuously work more than 10 hours.

4. Strictly forbid to debug stone carving machine in rainy and thundering weather.

5. Do a good job of cleaning up the impurities every day.

6. The door of the case can be opened, which helps to dissipate the heat of the electronic components inside the machine, thereby increasing its life span.

7. Because the summer more rain, and tombstone cnc engraver machine can not be long-term damp, so the stone carver cnc machine is strictly prohibited in the ventilation environment.

How do you to do when the spindle of cnc stone engraving machine rust?

The progress of the times and the development of society. More and more stone factory hope to cut down on manpower and switch to more efficient machines. For this reason, stone engraving cnc router machine has attracted more people's attention. The more attention you receive, the more users you will have. The more users, then the stone engraving machine working environment is not the same too. When the stone carving cnc router machine is affected by the wet environment, the spindle of the cnc stone engraving machine will rust. As you know, the rust is harmful to the maintenance of stone engraving cnc machines, which affects the use of granite stone carving cnc machines and shortens the service life of stone carver cnc machine.


Since the motor spindle rust will appear such a problem. So, if there is solution to solve the rust of the motor spindle? Yes, there are.

1. Physical method: rust by hand knock, shovel, scraping, brush, sand or a flexible way to remove the oxide skin contusion and the appearance of rust, etc.. The method of removing rust, pointed hammer, steel wire brush, emery cloth, saw blade and other tools is the most simple method. 

2. Methods for chemical cleaning: you can use WD-40 clean lubricant. You can use cotton cloth wipe stone engraving machine above rust.

3. After the use of the stone engraving cnc machine, we must carefully examine all aspects of the stone carving machine, find problems and solve problems in a timely manner and do a good job of stone engraving machine maintenance. Only do the better maintenance of the stone carving machine,  the cnc tombstone carving cnc router machine can be used longer and produce more.


After reading this article, sincerely hope to our work can help you. If you are interested in our cnc stone engraving router machine for your work, or have any question about the stone carving cnc router machine. Please contact Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company. We are support service 24 hours online.

Thanks for your time.

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