CNC co2/fiber laser marker-a famous star for medical packaging
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CNC co2/fiber laser marker-a famous star for medical packaging

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CNC co2/fiber laser marker-a famous star for medical packaging

CNC co2/fiber laser marker-a famous star for medical packaging

  With the improvement of people's living standards and health awareness,people raise higher requirements for medical supplies'quality,not only need to have a strict quality of medical supply source,but also need to make people feel at ease for medical products packaging.Medical packaging as a protective umbrella of drugs has played an important role in drug storage, security,transportation,which is now an indispensable part of drugprocessing.Medicinal packaging materials mainly cover cartons,plastic,glass,rubber and metal and so on.What's more,with the development of medical packaging industry,a great number of new composite materials are also being introduced into this area.Laser marking machine(including co2 laser marking machine and fiber laser marker)as an advanced marking equipment,is bound to become famous star of medical packaging marking industry. 

First of all,health and safety issues are the main concern for medicine industry,so toxic and harmful marking is not allowed to do the drug mark. The laser marking technology is an advanced marking method, which makes use of high-energy density of the laser to mark on the surface of the local irradiation,leading to the pharmaceutical packaging material surface vaporization or color changes,leaving a permanent mark on the materials.The entire process does not require contact with the surface of the processed items,do not need to consume supplies,so there is no pollutant production,it can be said that the laser marking is a green marking means. 

Dekcel cnc laser marking machine advantages:

1. DEKCEL co2 or fiber laser marking machine has characteristics of stable reliability and durability, marking the information clear and intuitive, strong corrosion resistance, not easy to be altered or erased,excellent anti-counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products.

2. From economic aspect,DEKCEL cnc laser marking machine greatly improve the marking efficiency,not only save the human resources,but also save a lot of time. As to conventional product logo marking, generally need only 2-5 seconds,if use the pipeline flight Marking,it would be faster than you can imagine.

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