CNC fiber Laser marker machine used for stainless steel
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CNC fiber Laser marker machine used for stainless steel

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CNC fiber Laser marker machine used for stainless steel


 Fiber Laser marker machine used for stainless steel

 The stainless steel's stainless and corrosion resistance are not an absolute fact.Stainless steel is an indispensable material for factory's processing and production.It has a wide range of applications,covering many aspects of industrial manufacture.In the processing of stainless steel,for the products are involved in every walk of life,we need to print different marks on different stainless steel products.What's more,with the improvement of people's living standards, people have a new requirement to the product's marking quality and aesthetics.So it has become difficult to meet the needs of marking market,not only need to mark the surface smooth and texture but also need to give people a very good sense of comfort.For some of specific areas,the efficiency and precision must be guaranteed.

 At this time,cnc fiber laser marker appeared.

 At present,there are more than 150 grades of stainless steel with the differences of gloss and performance.At the surface of many stainless steel goods and parts,we need to mark some information,such as production date and letter mark,and the relatively high precision bar code and two-dimensional code information mark.Due to the differences of shape and performance,traditional marking method is difficult to meet the current processing needs.Although the price of laser marking machine is a little higher than the traditional equipment,it can achieve good results in the process of marking the one-way line,contour lines,or fill the font.As long as it can be expressed in the drawings,you can now mark the patterns and designs on stainless steel through the fiber laser marker.At the same time the current fiber laser marker machine,with low maintenance costs,long life,easy operation,excellent marking effect and so on,will occupy a competitive market in stainless steel industry.

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