Two Things You Didn't Know About Wood Cnc Router.
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Two Things You Didn't Know About Wood Cnc Router.

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Two Things You Didn't Know About Wood Cnc Router.

Two Things You Didn't Know About Wood Cnc Router.

For users of woodworking engraving cutting machine, it is important for customers to understand it clearly. Today, Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company will tell you two things that you maybe don’t know about wood cnc router.


1. Spindle power.

How to choose the spindle power of cnc engraving machine?

How to choose the electric spindle power of the engraving machine? Is the bigger power, the better? Of course not. The power of the spindle should be selected according to the objects engraved, and we will introduce one by one below.


1).Woodworking cnc engraving machine: woodworking engraving cutting cnc machine spindle can be selected according to the hardness of wood processed, it is generally about 2.2kW - 4.5kw.


2). Advertising engraving machine: the object engraved are soft materials. So the spindle power of the cnc advertisement wood engraving machine is within 1.5KW - 3.0kw, it is not only achieve the purpose of carving, but also save the cost for customers.


3). Stone engraving machine: the spindle power of cnc stone engraving carving machine is relatively higher, it is generally about 4.5kw - 7.5kW, and the most commonly used is the 5.5kW.


The power of the spindle motor is too large, not only to waste electricity but also to increase the customer's cost of purchase. If the power is too small, it can not meet the requirements of engraving, so it is very important to choose suitable power of the spindle motor for customers.


2. Woodworking environment.

The China cnc router for wood is a high-tech equipment, which has certain requirements for the working environment, such as:

1). Avoid strong power, strong magnetic and other equipment which seriously affect the signal transmission of the wood crafts engraving cutting cnc router. Such as: electric welding machine, launching tower and so on.

2). Use three core power to reduce interference of cnc wood engraving machine.

3). The voltage of machine is required to be stable, to avoid large fluctuations, it is best to use of the voltage regulator.

4). The machine can not work in strong acid and strong alkali environment long time.


The workers of Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company has many years experience, we can provide you a most suitable woodworking engraving cutting machine for your work. If you are interested in our wood furniture carving cnc router, or have nay question about cnc wood router. Please contact Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company. We are support service 24 hours online.


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