The daily maintenance of guide rail for the cnc router engraving machine
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The daily maintenance of guide rail for the cnc router engraving machine

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The daily maintenance of guide rail for the cnc router engraving machine

The daily maintenance of guide rail for the cnc router engraving machine

Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company has developed many kinds of cnc router engraving machines, such as, woodworking engraving cnc router machine, economical marble stone engraving machine, advertising wood carving machine, atc wood engraving cnc machine and so on.

And the cnc router engraving machine of our Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company has many different molds. For example, DEK-1212, DEK-1325, DEK-1530 and other molds. The different molds of the cnc router machine has different working area or configuration.

In order to let the 1325 wood carving machine do the work better, we should notice the daily maintenance of the cnc router for wood carving machine.

You know the guide rail and slider play important role in the cnc woodworking carving machine, stone carving machine for tombstone, or other cnc router carving machine. But many customers don’t know how to do it. Now, Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company will help you solve this question.

The guide rail and slider play the important role of the cnc router engraving machine for wood, and they are also the important part of cnc engraving router machine. On the market, the rail of the cnc router used is commonly divided into square rails and round rails. And cnc router engraving machine of our company used square linear guide which is  imported from Taiwan. And the tombstone engraving cnc machine often used in water, so the stone engraving machine for marble is wet, the maintenance must be carried out on the track every day. The maintenance must pay attention to the X, Y, Z three axis, and the screw parts must be used high speed butter.

The square rail is a square linear guide with the high accuracy, small friction coefficient and can be a long time to maintain its accuracy, especially the gap between its static and dynamic friction is small, the low equipment driving horsepower requirements, so the square rail can be saved a lot of energy. From the use of cnc engraving machine industry, this problem can easily occur when carving MDF.

The reason for this phenomenon is that the routine maintenance work is not done well, especially for the high frequency and bad environment.

When the work done, we must clean the x y z three axis of the guide rails. And cleaning up the chip and dirt of the stone engraving machine. Followed by the inspection of rail surface if has scratch damage. After cleaning, we should also add lubricating oil to the guide rails, convenient second days of operation.

Sometimes, we often encounter the the cnc woodworking engraving machine can not move in one direction. When we check the machine in detail, no problem, and finally we found that the slide stuck.

The cause of this phenomenon is the daily maintenance work is not done well, especially for high frequency, harsh winter. If the ambient temperature is too low, screw, square guide rail and other parts should use gasoline to wash clean, then add oil.


In addition, you know the spindle is important part in the woodworking engraving cnc router machine. The spindle quality will directly affect the product quality which the cnc router engraving machine engraved. Therefore, when we use engraving machines at ordinary times, we must pay attention to the protection of woodworking engraving cnc router. The Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company will tell you.

1. The spindle of cnc router engraving machine is the core parts of equipment, mainly divided into air-cooled spindle and water-cooled spindle.

2. According to the customer's processing technology, as well as customer processing environment, can selectively equipment.

3. Accessories for touching the workpiece and scrap, and the performance of the spindle also greatly affects the processing technology. Therefore, in the daily life, we should do the good job of spindle.


And do you know what other notices of the cnc router machine? Such as:

1. first determine the engraving machine voltage is 220 volts or 380 volts, not blind loading.

2. determine whether the voltage meets the requirements, the voltage should be between 210V-230V, if not meet the need, must use voltage regulators. When selecting voltage regulators, please be sure to select high quality (power over 2000W and average weight above 15 kg).

3. cnc router engraving machine must be grounded, one is to ensure the safety of the cnc engraving machine, and the other is to avoid static interference.

4. the engraving machine is a precision CNC equipment, must be not arbitrarily removed and in the absence of understanding of the premise of regulating electrical accessories, especially inverter.

5. cnc engraving machine shoe be confidential long maintenance, to ensure the lubrication of the machine, often dust, etc.; keep rail, screw clean, lubrication.

6. motor of cnc engraving router spindle must ensure that the circulating water system unobstructed and do a good job of spindle cooling.

7. spindle motor protection: if the engraving motor stopped or the motor speed is not uniform, please immediately cut off the power supply and contact with our factory. If the motor is stopped, the motor is not power, otherwise the motor will be burned immediately, users must pay attention to the use.


Sincerely hope to my work can help your.

If you are interested in our cnc router engraving machine for your work, or have any question about the cnc engraving machine. Please contact Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company. We are support service 24 hours online.

Thanks for your reading .

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