The manual and maintenance of 1325 woodworking engraving cnc router
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The manual and maintenance of 1325 woodworking engraving cnc router

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The manual and maintenance of 1325 woodworking engraving cnc router

The manual and maintenance of 1325 woodworking engraving cnc router

This article will introduce the manual and maintenance of 1325 woodworking engraving router. You know, that is important for cnc wood carving machine sale. Think about it this question, if you are a green hand and using this kind of marble stone engraving machine first, you don’t understand what notice of stone carving machine for tombstone should to be know. That is all affect your work.

So, how to solve those question? Don’t worry. This paper will tell you the manual and maintenance of cnc woodworking machine for wood carving.

 First. the cnc woodworking engraving machine should pay attention before installation

1. please do not install this wood carving cnc router price in the course of lightning or thunder, do not install the power outlet in the damp place, do not touch the insulated power cord.

2. the operator of marble stone engraving machine sale must undergo strict training, during the operation, that must pay attention to personal safety and machine safety, and the operation of tombstone carving cnc machine must be according to the operating rules of computer engraving machine strictly.

3. the power supply voltage requirement is 210V-230V (380V), if the supply voltage is unstable or surrounded by high-power power equipment, please be sure to select of regulated power supply under the guidance of professional and technical personnel.

4. cnc engraving router machine, the control cabinet must be ground wire, can not be inserted into the data cable.

5. operators of small advertising wood engraving machine must not wear gloves work, it is best to wear protective goggles.

6. the main body of the woodworking engraving cnc router machine is steel structure, relatively soft, in the installation of screws (especially when the installation of engraving motors) do not force too much, with non slip wire.

7. the tool must be installed and clamped, to keep the tool sharp, blunt knife will reduce the quality of engraving, motor overload.

8. do not extend your finger into the working range of the tool. Do not remove the carving head and use it for other purposes.

9. do not exceed the scope of mechanical processing, long hours do not work when you want to cut off the power supply, when the machine moving, there must be professionals under the guidance of the presence.

10. if the cnc atc woodworking engraving machine appears abnormal situation, please refer to the operation manual and troubleshooting chapter or contact the dealer to solve, so as not to cause damage to adults.

11. frequency converter

12. all the control cards connected with the computer must be tightened and screwed.


Second, machine installation. warning: all operations must be operated under power off!!!

1. mechanical main body and control box connection

2. the control data line on the machine body is connected to the control box.

3. The power cord plug of the machine body is plugged into the Chinese standard 220V (or 380V) power supply.

4. the control box and computer connection, the data line is inserted into the control box at one end of the data signal input port, and the other end is inserted in the computer.

5. plug one end of the power line into the power supply on the control box, and the other end is plugged into the standard 220V power outlet.

Third, operation process of granite stone engraving machine

1. according to customer requirements and design requirements for typesetting, after the correct calculation of the path, the path of different tools to save and save into different documents

2. after checking the path is correct, the engraving machine control system will open the path file (Preview)

3. fix the material and define the origin of the work. Turn on the spindle motor and adjust the revolutions correctly

4. switch on the power and operate the machine.

Turn on the cnc engraving machine

1. turn on the power switch, the power indicator light, the cnc engraving router machine first reset, self-test operation, X, Y, Z, shaft back to zero, and then run to the initial origin.

2. use hand hold controller to adjust X, Y and Z axes respectively, aiming at the starting point of engraving work (machining origin). The speed of the spindle t and the feed are properly chosen so that the engraving cnc machine is in the working waiting state.


1. edit the document you want to carve.

2. open the transmission file, transfer files to the engraving machine, the 1212 advertising engraving machine for wood can automatically complete the engraving of the document. When the engraving file is finished, the cnc carving machine can automatically lifts the knife and runs to the top of the work start point.

Fourth, trouble analysis and elimination

The alarm fault over the course of the alarm, indicating that the machine has reached the limit in one, the operation process, please check the following steps:

1. whether the designed size exceeds the machining range

2. check the machine motor shaft and lead screw connection line weather is loose, if so, please tighten the screws

3. the machine and the computer is properly grounded

4. whether the current coordinate value exceeds the soft limit value range

Non alarm fault

1. repeat processing accuracy is not enough, according to the first second checks

2. the computer running, the machine does not move, check the computer control card and electrical box connection head weather is loose, if it is, please inserted tight, and tighten the fixed screws

3. the cnc woodworking engraving machine for wood can not find the signal when it comes back to the machine origin. It is checked by the second.

Engraving fault

1. whether the parts of the screws loose

2. check that the path you are handling is correct

3. whether the file is too large, computers handle errors

4. loosen the knife chuck, press the knife in the direction of clamping, put the knife in place, so as not to carve the object is not bright and clean

5. check whether the tool is damaged, replaced with a new knife, carved again.

 Note: do not mark the hole in the engraving motor shell, otherwise it will destroy the insulation layer, if necessary, paste mark

Fifth, engraving machine routine maintenance

Cnc engraving router machine is a system that has certain requirements on power grid environment, where the system should be no welding, frequent starting machine tools, electric tools, radio, computer and the strong interference of engraving system can make the work abnormally.

So, after reading this paper, do you understand how to use the cnc woodworking engraving router machine better?

If you are interested in our cnc engraving router machine or have any question about the cnc engraving router, please contact Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Company. We are support service 24 hours online.

Thanks for your time.


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