PVC coil spring car floor mat oscillating knife cnc cutting machine
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PVC coil spring car floor mat oscillating knife cnc cutting machine

The pvc coil spring mat is a kind of car mat that has gradually emerged since 2008,now it is widely used in the automotive interior industry.China DEKCEL CNC have great experience for producing car mat or floor mat oscillating knife cutter machine.
  • DEK-1625M

  • China DEKCEL CNC

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PVC Spring Coil Car Mat Cutting Video 

PVC coil spring car floor mat oscillating knife cut plotter machine
car mat oscillating plotter

China Dekcel CNCautomotive car floor mat oscillating knife cutting machine is specially designed for the production of car mats,automotive interior, cushions and seat covers.Because it is cut by a oscillating knife blade, it is also called a car mat oscillating knife cutter plotter machine, car mat oscillating cutting machine.Our digital floor mat oscillating cutter plotter can meet the needs of personalized and special-purpose production with its stable performance, fast cutting speed and automatic processing .
Dekcel automotive car mat oscillating cutter plotter machine 

Automotive Car Mat Oscilalting Cutting Plotter Details Show

1. The anti-collision and the built-in auto-sensing devices ensure the security of CNC oscillating knife leather cutting machine.

anti-collision auto-sensing security devices security system

2.Auto nesting for the cutting file,save materials and reduce waste

automotive car foor mat oscillating knife nest cutting software

3.Machine adopt import JAPAN YASKAWA servo motor and drive,fast cutting speed,high accuracy,more stable. 

YASKAWA servo motor for oscillating plotter

4. Kinco Touch screen control panel,quick and easy to set up the machine too,cutting and speed parameters .

Touch screen software for oscillating cutter plotter

5. Dekcel oscillating knife cutter machines adopt CNC knife cutting technology, our digital cutter machine has no burning and totally environmently.No smoke would be produce in the process,so it is harmless to person.

oscillating knife cutter blade tool

6. Machine adopt replaceable tool base,the same base holder can used for EOT (electric oscillating tool ),POT(pneumatic oscillating tool ),Round blade tool,universal tool,easily and more convenience for tool changing.  

oscillating cutter plotter tool holder base

Coil Car Mat Oscillating Cut Plotter Technical Parameters 

Model of cutting machine

 DEK-1625M Car Mat Oscillating Cutter Plooter

Effective working area


Cutting speed


Cutting thickness

 0-25mm ( customized cutting machine can up to   50mm)

Our Advantages

1.A whole piece aluminum platform     
2.Welding stable machine structure
3.Gear rack & Screw lever                   
4.Safety device

Method of fixing material

 Divisional vacuum absorption


 Oscillating blade head, Milling Cutter, Hobbing Cutter, Creasing Wheel

Pen type

 Common signing pen, Oil pen, ball-point pen, Silver pen

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

 Kinco Touch screen LCD

Machine resolution


Software resolution


Interface of transmission

 Network port

 Command system  HP-GL and GP-GL compatible formats
 Gearing   Linear guide and gear rack


 Japan YASKAWA Servo motor

Machine Working Voltage

 220V/380v ±10,50Hz-60Hz

Air pump power


Energy saving device

 Frequency converter

Safety device  Automatic laser device

Software system

 Independent research and development CNC software


 Auto-feeding system, Router Module Spindle

Application Of PVC Coil Mat Oscillating Plotter

Dekcel cnc oscillating knife cutter plotter is used for automotive car interior cutting and processing,like car mats,car steering wheel covers, car seat cushions ect.Also can cut some other soft material like cloth, fabric, mash, jean, fiber, many layers leather, PVC, PU, cloth and cardboard, corrugated board, honeycomb board, chipboard, plastic corrugated board,shoe insole, EVA,rubber,PE foam,composite materials, plastic, acrylic, etc.

Dekcel car floor mat oscillating knife cut machine


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