Adhesive Foil Sample Oscillating Knife Kiss Cutting Plotter Machine
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Adhesive Foil Sample Oscillating Knife Kiss Cutting Plotter Machine

China Dekcel cnc adhesive foil oscillating kiss cutter plotter specially design to cut vinyl material,Kiss Cutting is a form of die cutting where a very light impression cuts through the vinyl, not through the backing material.
  • DEK-1625M/DEK


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Kiss Cut Adhesive Foil Sample Oscillating Knife Plotter Machine

kiss cut oscillating plotter machine
Today kinds sticker that much demand favored by the people is sticker because it is more attractive and durable durable. Kiss cut stickers have become trends to decorate portion object that appear more interesting and elegant.

Kiss Cutting is one of the most popular methods for creating pressure-sensitive labels.
During the kiss-cutting process, the perim eter of each label is cut by a sharp knife blade cut does not penetrate the label’s backing material (liner).

kiss cut processing solution

China DEKCEL CNCKiss-Cut Oscillating Plotter Machine Advantage

1.Our kiss cut plotter machine have 2 processing method : kiss-cut & through cut
2. Machine high precision control for cutting depth
3. Fine and perfect separation of film and liner material
4. High production efficiency,save time and cost

Technical Parameters of Kiss Cut Oscillating Plotter



Working Area


Control System

Zhongrui Kinco digital oscillating control system

Maximum Cutting Speed

10mm/s - 2000mm/s (according to different cutting materials)



Cutting Thickness

≤35mm(according to different cutting materials)

Working Table

Aluminium Vacuum working table with felt

Cutting Materials

All kinds of flexible materials,Sponge composite leather,fabric,PVC,glass fiber,silicon,rubber,
carbon fiber,cardboard,KT board,PE,carpet,gasket,ABS ,gasket and so on

Transmission System

Japan YASKAWAl servo motor with Taiwan guide rail

Machine Voltage

220V/380V ±10%, 50Hz/60Hz

Vacuum pump


Graphic format supported


Multifunctional Tool for option

EOT(electric oscillating tool),POT(pneumatic oscillating tool ) ,kiss-cut tool,punching,V-cut,Milling spindle

Creasing wheel,CCD vision system,auto-feeding working table,Plotter pen

Adhesive Foil Kiss-cut Oscillating Plotter Details

kiss cut oscillating knife plotter machine details

DEKCEL CNC Kiss cut tool for Vinyl Matrial 

kiss cut tool

Oscillating Kiss-cut Plotter Machine Software

Oscillating knife cutter plotter machine software

Dekcel CNC kiss-cut oscillating plotter machine can cut adhesive foil material like Decor foil,Reflective foil,Teflon foil,Magnet foil,Plastic foil,PET-foil,PE-foil,Keyboard foil translucent foil,Masking foil,Airbrush foil,sandblast foil,Plotting foil,Signage foil,Emergency-car foil,Warn foil,See-Through-Foil,Pressure-sensitive foil ect .

adhesive foil sign kiss cut


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