CNC wood Router speeds and feeds
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CNC wood Router speeds and feeds

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CNC wood Router speeds and feeds

The CNC Router is a computer digitally controlled device for cutting materials. There are two very important numerical parameters in the CNC Router. One is Speed and the other is Feed. Industrial laser cutting machine is also like this.These two parameters can determine the pros and cons of a CNC Router, which will affect the processing process to varying degrees. So, there are some detailed introductions.


1 CNC Router Machine Speed

The Speed here is not the speed of machining a part, but the speed of the spindle. The spindle speed that a CNC Router can provide is variable and you can control it yourself using your computer. The effects of different spindle speeds are completely different. In general, the spindle speed cannot be set arbitrarily. The speed should be determined by a number of factors, such as the material to be cut and the tool. Different materials can withstand different speeds. Choosing the right speed also protects the tool to the greatest extent possible.


2 Cutting Amount

The amount of cutting can also be called the cutting speed directly. Cutting speed is very important for the processing of the product. Choose different speeds depending on the processing requirements. In roughing, it is generally preferred to increase productivity, and a faster cutting speed can be selected. In the case of finishing, it is important to consider the quality of the processing, while taking into account efficiency and cost. Among them, the protection of the tool is also considered.


3 Determine the Feed Rate

The feed rate is also the amount of feed. The feed rate is mainly selected according to the machining accuracy of the part, the surface roughness requirement, and the material of the tool and the workpiece. The maximum feed rate is limited by machine stiffness and feed system performance.


Of course, no matter how you decide the feed rate, you must give priority to the quality of the parts. Consider efficiency in this premise. In general, in order to produce parts as quickly as possible, a higher feed rate should be chosen. You can choose from 100~200m/min.


When cutting or machining deep holes or machining with high speed steel tools, the lower feed rate should be selected to avoid damage to the tool.


When the machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements are high, the feed rate should also be chosen to be smaller.


When the tool is not cut, you can directly select the fastest speed.


4 How to choose a specific speed value

In the use of the CNC Router Machine, you need to set various speed values. You should set the speed value if you already know these parameters beforehand. Different speeds interact with each other, and the speed setting is also related to the tool and material. Therefore, this setting process needs to be considered together to maximize productivity.


If you are still confused about the use of CNC Router Machine, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately, we are a professional CNC Router Manufacturer, and will provide you with complete solutions and doubts.

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