UV 3W/5W/7W/10W laser marking machine for hard plastic
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UV 3W/5W/7W/10W laser marking machine for hard plastic

China Ultraviolet (UV) laser marking machine is a kind of cold light, mainly used in super precise marking and engraving on high density polyethylene fiber and general hard plastic material such as DuPontTM Tyvek, white HDPE and LDPE etc
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Ultraviolet (UV) laser is a kind of cold light, mainly used in super precise marking and engraving, particularly suitable for food, pharmaceutical packaging material marking, micro punching, glass high-speed dividing, silicon wafer complex graphics cutting, etc.
Without heat effect, the effect of laser marking and cutting is precise, smooth and steep. Except copper, 355nm UV laser could be absorbed by many materials, so it is suitable for manufacture more material type.

Main features of UV laser marking machine for plastic
1.Adopt semiconductor laser pump, 3 times within the optical resonator frequency doubling output 355 nm wavelength laser, electro-optic conversion efficiency high beam quality as TEM100 mode.
2. Ultraviolet laser belongs to cold light source, small heat affected zone, and the beam quality of excellence to create the effect of super fine marking.
3. Adopt imported scan, mark fast, and suitable for micro cutting and drilling.
4. The heating characteristics of ultra high peak power and rarely, very suitable for alumina and zirconia ceramics drilling cutting.
5. Six months of free maintenance, no consumables and low use cost, save electricity and energy.
6. A modular design, convenient maintenance, small volume.
7. The software can receive DXF, PLT, BMF, AI and JPG format, and can automatically generate serial number and production date, bar code, the QR code.

Performance Characteristics                                                                                        
With smaller focused spot and minimal heat affected zone, UV laser marking machine can achieve super fine marking and special material marking, which making it become the preferred for products have higher requirements for marking effect. 
Because of no thermal effect, UV laser marking effect is smooth and fine, with no thermal effects or burning issues.Except copper, 355nm UV light energy is absorbed by a lot of material, so the UV laser marking machine is suitable for processing more material types.
Ensure the normal running time and encoding quality
No need to replace the consumables in daily operation ,extending the running time of the production line.
Zero daily machine maintenance, increaseing the normal operation time.
With circulating water cooling way,laser marking machine  achieves maximum utilization rate,avoiding the air-cooled for factory temperature and ventilation requirements,which make  the service life of the laser  increased by 30%, almost eliminates the unplanned downtime.

Specifically designed to improve production efficiency
Achieving high yield in the rotation and linear applications, speed up to 250 products/min.Marking high quality visual and readable 2D encoding at speeds of up to 5 m / sec.
Marking any encoding in any direction and any location, thereby simplifying the coding  process.
Durable encoding ensures traceability and anti counterfeiting throughout the product life cycle.          
UV wavelength laser beam achieves high speed HDPE/LDPE packaging logo, improving  the efficiency.
Realizing the visual readable high contrast in the white HDPE/LDPE packaging, with simple and applicable color change.
UV wavelength laser beam can mark the high resolution and high contrast encoding on the HDPE/LDPE, without any additive or re verification of the packaging material.

Technical parameter
Model                                     DEK-3W UV laser marking                      
Laser power 


Laser wavelength 355nm
Repetition frequency 20-100KHz

Minimum line width

Marking depth <0.5mm
Minimum character 0.15mm
Repeated precision 0.003mm 
Marking speed


Operating system EZCAD
Cooling system Water cooling
Marking scope 110 × 110mm
Product area 550mm × 960mm × 850mm

The detail parts of UV laser marking machine
uv laser marking machine

3W UV laser marking

control system of 3W UV laser marking machine

UV laser generator



Application of UV laser marking machine for plastic
1.High density polyethylene fiber and general hard plastic material such as DuPontTM Tyvek, white HDPE and LDPE etc.
2.Ultra precision machining of the high-end market, such as cosmetics, medicines, food and other polymer materials packaging bottle surface marking, marking clear and lasting, better than the ink and has no pollution.
3.The flexible PCB plate dicing; silicon wafer microporous, blind hole processing; two-dimensional code LCD glass, glass, metal surface coating, plastic buttons, electronic components, gifts, communications equipment, building materials and so on.
4.Our own proprietary software helps to ensure the same marking quality in the rotation and linear applications.
UV laser marking on plastic

laser marking machine on hard plastic

uv laser marking machine samples

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