How to build a CNC Router?
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How to build a CNC Router?

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How to build a CNC Router?

The CNC Router is definitely an indispensable tool for innovators. Saving and high efficiency are valuable qualities of contemporary society. If you don't have a CNC Router Machine right now, maybe it's time to get one. Wait a minute, how can I get a CNC Router? Some manufacturers can give us some solutions, but if you want, you can even make one yourself, just follow the tutorial below and everything will be fine.


1 Design – Tools and Materials

Initial preparation is important. You need a CAD software to design the structure of the CNC Router. It is not enough to think about it in your mind. We need a lot of raw materials. You need to prepare stepper motors, power supplies, Breakout Boards, switches, wires, some Proximity sensors, and a Spindle. Also need Linear rails and Ballscrews. If you want to save time and money, you can buy a kit containing the above materials directly.


2 X , Y and Z axis

First, you need to build a frame for the motor so that the motor can move freely. The X axis will form the basic framework of the CNC Router Machine. Next, we need to prepare for the Y-axis production. Movement on the Y-axis requires the creation of a separate Gantry that spans over the X-axis to move the motor from the other direction. After Gantry is made, you will also make the Y-axis on top of Gantry. The Z axis is similar to this. After the framework in all three directions is built,you can start to prepare electronic accessories.


3 Timing Belts and Pulleys

Timing Belts and Pulleys are absolutely indispensable. It provides the power to operate the CNC Router. Next is the installation of the first motor, which is used to move on the X and Y axes, and it can handle work in both directions.


4 Z-axis Drive Nut Mount

Install the Drive Nut for the X, Y, and Z axes.


5 Z-axis Motor Mount

We have already installed the motors for the X and Y axes. The Z axis motor is independent. So you need to install it separately.


6 The Cutting Bed

The next important part is the cutting bed. The cutting bed is used to place the material to be cut, so the material of the cutting bed is very important. The cutting bed should be flat enough, hard enough, and many other good features. An aluminum t-slot table top would probably be the best, but it will cost you a few hundred dollars. How to choose t-slot table top, perforated table top, vacuum table. It depends on your budget.


7 The Electronics

The electronic accessories section is equally important. Without these things, your CNC Router Machine will not work. You need to install the stepper motor and power supply we mentioned above to the machine.


8 CNC Software

The software part is not necessary to make it yourself. You can choose from well-functioning software on the market. A total of three types of software are required, CAM A CAD program, to create a drawing, A CAM program to create the toolpaths and output the G-code. And a controller program which translates the G-code and controls the router.


The above is the simple production tutorial we provided. I hope to help you. Making a CNC Router Machine is a complicated and time consuming process. If you want to get results directly, please contact us. We are a professional CNC Router Manufacturer and we will provide you with a complete solution.

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