What we should know about co2 cnc laser cutting engraving machine?
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What we should know about co2 cnc laser cutting engraving machine?

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What we should know about co2 cnc laser cutting engraving machine?

What we should know about co2 cnc laser cutting engraving machine?

How much do you know about co2 cnc laser machines? In this article,we will make a detailed introduction of cnc laser cutting engraving machine.Speaking of cnc laser cutter engraver,how much you can think of? You may ask what's the categories of co2 laser cnc machine? What's the features of industrial cnc laser machines? How about the specific components of cnc laser engraver for sale? What's the application of laser cutting engraving machine for sale? How many laser engraving machine models you Dekcel cnc equipment company can provide? Most importantly how about the laser cutter engraver price and co2 laser cutting engraving quality? What's the after-sale service of Dekcel cnc laser? You can find all the answers to these questions in this article.I will answer you one by one.

1.Categories of co2 laser cnc machine

Co2 laser machine can be divided into metal laser cutting machine,nonmetal laser cutting machine,and laser engraving machine.Metal co2 laser cutting machine with a special metal automatically follow cutting head can be used to cut thin metal sheet if the laser tube power is big,for instance 150w laser cutter machine can be used to cut 1.5mm stainless steel,and 2mm carbon steel,and nonmetal materials such as 20-25mm wood,20mm acrylic,20mm MDF,260w Yongli laser tube cnc laser cutter can be used to cut 2.5mm stainless steel and 3mm carbon steel,and 25-30mm wood,30mm acrylic and 25mm MDF and so on. Nonmetal laser cutting machine includes acrylic laser cutter,wood laser cutting machine,laser cutter for die board,cnc laser cut plywood,co2 laser cutting MDF,foam eva laser cutter, laser cutting rubber leather,plastic laser cutter,fabric laser cutting machine,cnc paper laser cutting machine,and so on.Laser engraving machine includes marble laser engraving machine,laser engraver for granite,wood laser engraver for sale,acrylic laser engraving,paper laser engraver price,glass laser engraving machine,laser engraver for crystal,and so on.

2.Features of industrial cnc laser machines

1)The cnc laser cutting engraver machine has stable performance,simple operation and wide processing materials,is equipped with?electric lifting platform,has high speed and precision,and is the best updating choice of all walks of life.

2)We dekcle cnc laser adopts Reci laser tube from Beijing,a well-known brand in China,good quality,good service.

3)Every cnc laser equipment is equipped with red light positioning device to make the laser beam visible to us,eliminate the trouble about manual positioning.

4)Dekcel cnc laser engraver cutter uses Chinese famous brand Leadshine stepper motor and drivers,fast speed,good precision.

5)Considering the safety issue,automatic protection will be needed,There's automatic smoke/dust-injecting system,adopting water cooling system,if there's no water or the water flows in opposite direction,it will be no laser,which can not only protect the laser tube in an effective way and protect to protect the operator safety.

6)Dekcel China cnc laser cutter machine supports the USB interface,it's not necessary to connect to the computer any more,in this case,the whole laser engraver and cutter enjoys high anti-interference,greatly improve the working precision and efficiency.

7)Storage function is available: Cnc machine co2 laser control board has EMS memory which enables the user to store more than 100 files.

8)Laser machines have following LED work light to help see products during laser processing day and night.?

3.Components of cnc laser engraver for sale(configurations)

1)Beijing Reci Co2 laser tube,(laser tube 40w 60w 80w 100w 130w 150w 260w for option),lifetime more than 8000 hours.

2)Singapore imported focus lens and reflect mirrors

3)Ruida control system

4)Fulong belt transmission from Shanghai

5)Leadshine stepper motors and drivers or servo motors and drivers

6)USB offline

7)Tiwan Hiwin square guide rails

8)Red light point

9)Water pump or water chiller 

10)Air pump or air-compressor

11)exhaust fan 550w,absorb dust

12)fume extractor for option

13)Honeycomb table or blade table 

14)Rotary device or up-down table for option


What's the application of laser cutting engraving machine for sale?

1)Printing and Packaging industry: rubber laser engraving cutting,paper laser cutting,and so on.

2)Craft Gift industry: crystal laser carving,bamboo laser engraving,wood laser cutting engraving,double-color plate carving,chessboard laser engraving,marble laser carving.

3)Advertising industry: plexiglass laser engraving (cutting),double-color plate laser carving,acrylic laser cutting engraving.

4)Leather&Fabric Clothing industry: all kinds of leather shoes,leather bags,leather clothes,fabric laser cutting,cloth garment textile laser cut and so on.

5)Model industry: ABS board laser cutting,aviation model slices laser cutting,wood cnc cutting and engraving.

6)Stone (marble granite)industry: marble laser engraving photographs,laser carving for granite and so on.

7)Studio industry: laser for album,paper,plexiglass,acrylic,wood photos engraving etc.

How many laser engraving machine models you Dekcel cnc equipment company can provide?

We Jinan Dekcel CNC Equipment Company,as a professional laser cutter engraver suppliers,can provide all kinds of cnc laser machinery,such as 6040 mini cnc laser engraver,9060 small laser cutting machine,1390 acrylic cnc laser cutter engraver,1490 cheap cnc wood laser engraver,1610 cnc laser cutting machine,1318 fabric laser cutter,1325 cnc laser cutting steel machine and so on.Besides,we can customize the laser cutter engraver machine size according to your demands.By the way,you can also choose the machine color as you like.

Laser cutter engraver cost

We Dekcel cnc equipment company has our own laser machines factory. So will provide you affordable laser cutter with best price.We just make a small profit by selling laser engraving system to foreign clients,for we are aimed at the long-term cooperation with clients,low profits,large amount.Sometimes in order to express our gratitude for our laser machine clients'trust and recognition,we may make a discount at some laser cnc co2 machines.But to be clear,there is a discount at laser cutting machine price,but there is not any discount at laser engraver machine quality.Why i dare to say that?For all the co2 laser cutting machine for sale or cnc co2 laser engraving machine for sale,from the main components to little parts of cnc co2 laser systems,we all adopts top-quality ones,to make sure the cnc cutter laser machine can work at high speed and good precision for long long time. This will not only save cnc laser cutting machine cost for maintenance but also bring much more profits for you in near future.

What's the after-sale service of Dekcel best laser cutting engraving machine?

As a responsible cnc laser engraving machine manufacturer,you always have us back.We provide one year warranty for the whole industrial cnc laser engraver machine and six months for co2 laser tube and lens and mirrors.We also supply 24 hours online support for all the problems you may encounter.We will send you extra one lens and two mirrors for free with cnc laser engraving equipment for sale.

Thanks for your time.

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